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Recent loss of "hunger"?

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QTPie Tue 16-Oct-12 14:04:06

Ok, this is a wierd one - I have only just noticed it. Might it have something to do with very recently diagnosed endometriosis (I don't really have any pain, as such from it, but it was found - on my ovary and fallopian tube - during fertility checks)?

I just cannot remember the last time that I felt "hungry" - you know, that pain/discomfort/emptiness in your stomach. At least not in maybe 3 or 4 months? Before that I do remember that I would often be "starving" mid-morning (especially after being at the gym) and need a cereal bar to tide me through to lunch (at about 1). Today I had breakfast at 8am, went to the gym, just ate lunch now (1.50pm), but didn't have an ounce of hunger - I just ate because I feel that I should eat lunch (and have a toddler to keep up with when he awakes from his nap....). Yes, I enjoyed my lunch, but after eating I physically don't feel any different to before eating...

I find myself eating, not because I am hungry, but because "it is time to eat" or "it is time that my son eats" or "I don't want to feel all light headed when chasing DS around the park" or "oh that cake/chocolate looks nice (although I don't want it because I am hungry)".

I am 38 years old, a good weight for my height (9st 3lbs and 5'4"ish), I exercise 3/4 times a week (gym or a ski simulator at home - reasonable work outs), I eat reasonably healthy and balanced. AM not putting on or loosing weight. No odd toilet habits really - no constipation, very regular, occassionally a bit soft (but I often put that down to hormones). I get 7/8 hours of sleep a night, but probably could do with more - a bit tired (but then I have a 2 year 8 month old, so it doesn't suprise me...). DS and I are always running round the park, swimming etc. So I have a good, healthy lifestyle.

Gynaecologist (who is doing fertility tests) has just sent my bloods to the labs - so will be doing a complete hormone check. That may bring something back I guess...

Is it likely to be the endometriosis? Something else? Anything that I should worry about immediately? I see the gynaecologist in two weeks time - to get the blood results.


nomadwantshome Tue 16-Oct-12 17:12:05

I have had the same over the last month or so. I think mine is down to borderline hypothyroidism. I'm having a repeat at blood test on thursday. I am the same in that I'm normally famished by 11 am but not recently. I having been eating only because it's lunchtime. I also only fancy very plain foods. I'm a normal weight although about 5kg more than I have been previously. I'm quite skinny really and even though have been aeating like a sparrow I have not lost any weight, which is really unusual for me.

Ive had other tests done as this has been another symptom in a long standing group of complaints, mainly fatigue.

mawbroon Tue 16-Oct-12 17:32:19

I had this.

It started at the same time as I developed post psychotic depression.

I am no longer depressed and feel hungry as normal!

QTPie Tue 16-Oct-12 19:34:39

Thanks nomad - am assuming/hoping that the fertility blood tests will check thyroid function, but will make a note to ask. Sounds similar to me - I am tired and fatigued, but I probably wouldn't expect much else in Autumn with a toddler....

maw, hope that you are feeling much better. I don't THINK that I am depressed. Ok I have a lot on my plate, but I am functioning well and ok. Hope not.

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