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Back to work

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purple15 Tue 16-Oct-12 09:25:58

Hi all its been quite a long journey getting back to health after my serious illness. I have been placed in the Support Group for ESA purposes.

Anyway, I am sick of the interogations off the Benefits Agency. Although I have passed everything at every hurdle. Basically they do not want people on the sick.

I am in the process of doing all the paperwork again 6 months after the last performance. I saw my doctor on Fri and he said I would not be able to hold a job down with the symptoms I have still got. But it isnt just up to him. You have to go through all the Atos medicals.

Anyway, times are really hard at the moment and if I lose the benefit we will struggle. A job has come up that I am really interested in. Do I try to get it and walk away or let the sickness benefit run its course. My doctor says I am unfit for work but this is not sufficient to stay on the sick. I feel torn to I wait for the benefit to stop, or try to get this job I fancy. If they stop my benefit, I will have to take any job because we need the money.

In my head I can do it, in reality, physical I can shower without resting.

purple15 Tue 16-Oct-12 13:05:36


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