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Private Diagnosis, NHS Treatment?

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QTPie Mon 15-Oct-12 21:05:18

Not use if this is the right place to ask this, but seems worth a try...

Have just been to see a fertility consultant (ObGyn) privately - I am almost 39, already have DS1 and don't feel I have time to faff about with the NHS (even if I would qualify for help).

During the initial consultation, the ObGyn spotted that I have endometriosis and probably a Polyp (he will confirm the Polyp on our next trip). If there is indeed a Polyp, then this will need to be removed and we will probably proceed directly to IVF (Consultant has indicated that this is likely - husband has a very low sperm count and the endometriosis - around the ovary and follopoan tube won't help...). That is all fine - we will stick to private care (for speed and choice).

However, it has become obvious to me that the endometriosis is likely to require considerable further care and regular monitoring. Although I have no blindingly painful symptoms from the endometriosis, the diagnosis does explain a few things! I can only imagine that it will get worse... Since this is a much long term thing, can I use the private diagnosis to get referred for NHS treatment? Probably get the GP (who will receive copies of the ObGyn notes) to refer me back to the same ObGyn (or another if bett suited for endometriosis treatment) under the NHS.


ToothbrushThief Mon 15-Oct-12 21:13:51


You cannot expedite care using private diagnosis i.e. queue jump but you can opt to have tests elsewhere if that makes sense? So return to NHS for gynae care. Sorry you are experiencing this

QTPie Mon 15-Oct-12 21:21:31

Thanks very much.

I will speak to the ObGyn about it, at some point, but will prioritise the fertility treatment for now (but put a marker to pursue it in the not too distant future - hopefully, if I get pregnant, that will put things on hold for a while anyway - since nought much can be done about endo during pregnancy...).

We went into the initial consultation knowing hat DH had a low sperm count, I cam out with a Polyp (probably) and endometriosis.... Not a good day sad. Still, on the bright side, probably good to catch the early and before they become an issue (in other ways) for me.

It will be good, though, to receive some NHS support for a probably ongoing issue like endometriosis.


Phineyj Mon 15-Oct-12 21:27:40

Hi, I've been in a similar position and I think it is probable you would get treatment for the endometriosis on the NHS (although you may have to wait a while) but I think it's unlikely you will get IVF on the NHS (if that's what you were asking) On the plus side just treating the endometriosis boosts your fertility temporarily -- at least, that's what my consultant said (although I had to go on and do IVF afterwards).

I had the endometriosis treated with laser ablation and didn't experience any more problems with it in the three years or so between the treatment and the IVF.

The issue I've found with mixing NHS and private treatment is they don't share notes and they always seem to want to repeat tests/do different tests, so you'll need to insist you get copies of all letters and test results. If your GP is helpful hopefully they can help you find a way through. Things really improved for me when I found a helpful GP -- my former practice appeared to massively disapprove of private treatment and were obstructive.

QTPie Mon 15-Oct-12 22:15:56

Hi Phineyj

Any luck with the IVF? Fingers crossed that you have.

No, am happy/insistent to pursue IVF privately (haven't got the time to do anything else - tick-tick-tick and am getting too old for this pregnancy/baby/toddler lark.... ;) ). It is just the endo that I would like to pursue through the NHS, if I can. I will ensure that my Consultant keeps my GP updated.

Unfortunately the endoemtriosis is on my ovary and fallopian tube, so I am not sure how much ablation will work in my case (may help, but doesn't directly tackle the endo outside of the uterus).


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