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Crohns; please don't scare me, but what does this thing have in store for me?

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MaggotMummy Sun 14-Oct-12 20:41:09

Sorry, this is going to be a bit long, but dont want to miss anything/drip feed.
I've had lots of pain, violent 'evacuations' and phases of extreme tiredness for quite a while. I seem to have masked the symptoms with rennies etc for a few years it seems, just thinking that I need to simplify my diet, reduce the stress and lose some weight.

After a truly excruciating episode in August I went back to the GP and had a series of blood tests that showed that my imune system was going bananas.

I've now had a colonoscopy and a capsule endoscopy that show ulcers running through my small bowel, there are some polyps and diverticular patches in the colon as well, but no one seemed bothered by them.

I also have ulcers in my throat and mouth, are these Crohns as well or are they purely because I am run down?

The latest batch came up very quickly after some supposedly 'good' dairy free biscuits (I've been on the Mount Sion exclusion diet for 3 weeks trying to get some control and pain relief so have cut out dairy, red meat, insoluble fibre, alcohol, caffeine etc, and it is bloody boring but working..) is this kind of reaction normal or is it because my system is now over sensitised?

I don't know anyone with this bloody thing, the Crohns and colitis site scares me half to death as it is full of stories of people dealing with large sections of bowel being removed.

Is this really my future or can I be lucky/ultra careful and avoid this kind of major surgery?

Sorry to go on a bit, feeling bewildered, scared and shocked

droitwitchymummy Sun 14-Oct-12 23:17:39

No experience I'm afraid but bumping for you. Hope someone is around who can help you

GoingBlankAgain Sun 14-Oct-12 23:32:28

OP you will find all the help you need on this forum

There are other threads on this disease here on MN if you do a search (top right - advanced). Sorry can't answer any of your questions as it can be very individual depending on how bad your condition is. Have you been given medication?

Will PM you.

tedhutchinson Mon 15-Oct-12 10:46:08

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