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Hysterectomy Advise Needed Asap

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angelmumsy Sat 13-Oct-12 04:31:45

I had my MRI done recently since whenever I have my menstruation, I will suffer for 3-5 days of excruciating pain. The results shows that I've adenomyosis of abt 3 mths fetus size in my womb and dermoid cyst of 6cm x 3.5cm on my left ovary. 10 yrs ago, I had endometriosis removed from my right ovary. My gynae suggested that I undergo hysterectomy with both my ovaries remove since I am already 49 yrs old. I wanted to leave my right ovary for hormone purposes but my Dr. was telling me that the dermoid cyst will appear again if I were to keep it and at my age, there's no assurance that it will be cancerous. I've read in the internet and research shows that by leaving one of the ovary, cancer cells will ever take place. It is just convenient for the gynea to remove everything to solve the whole issue. I'm confused and worried at the same time not knowing what to do or expect. Would appreciate some advise if anyone gone thru this experience as I've to undergo for an op soon.

l4k Sat 13-Oct-12 09:41:20

Ok, so you need the hysterectomy it's the ovaries you're not sure of. I would go private and get a second opinion on weather or not to remove them both.What's your gp like? ask for advice there too.
Good luck, I had my hyster last year and don't regret it.

angelmumsy Sun 14-Oct-12 01:20:52

I did went to a private hospital and my gynea is very patient answering to all my questions. Obviously they suggested to remove everything so as not to have repeated cyst in future. I've read in internet stating that if possible, try to keep the ovaries as even when you're menopause, there's still small amt of hormones being released rather and that no research has found that by keeping the ovary, cyst will appear again. Just confuse as what is to expect when I remove everything and worried sick

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