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Lovely present ideas for lovely friend with cancer

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hackneyzoo Fri 12-Oct-12 21:12:27

Not sure this is the right place to post or not, but really wanted some advice. One of my oldest and loveliest friends has just been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and is starting his chemo. He's 33 and stuck in hospital for the next week or so.
I'm the other end of the country but just wanted to send him a bit of a care package to cheer him up. He's wiped out, so doesn't feel much like reading. SO I thought I might put together some nice body creams and pampering stuff (he'd love this, he's extremely camp and takes good care of himself!) I remember from when my mum had chemo she was really off things that had a strong smell or odour. So has anyone got any good ideas of what I could put in a package? I thought moisturiser might be good as skin drys out in hosp/with chemo....any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Birdland Fri 12-Oct-12 21:30:02

Hi hackneyzoo-I have breast cancer and am undergoing chemo at the moment (not as an inpatient though).

You are right about the changes in smell/taste. He might appreciate some of the following from my own experience:

Body/face creams-but his skin may be sensitive and dry so be careful its not too perfumed. Maybe a facial spritzer/lip balm too as skin really dries out. Kiehls is nice.


Photo's to personalise his hospital space

Fleecy blanket/PJ's/socks-anything cosy.

Itunes voucher if he has an ipod/ipad

I personally find that I do enjoy reading but it has to be easy escapist stuff like Hunger Games.

You sound like a great support to him and I've really appreciated daily texts from my friends as sometimes talking over the phone is a bit tiring. Best of luck to your friend.

HazeltheMcWitch Sat 13-Oct-12 00:41:36

Hello. Yes, you do sound very lovely, and that is the most important thing, that your friend knows you're caring about him.
I've also had cancer, and - well, I basically echo everything that birdland said! I found that my skin did get really dry, but was horribly sensitive, and I could hardly use any of my lotions and potions.
I loved getting texts also - but was irked by phonecalls as I hated having to repeat the same, miserable news, side effects etc over and over. I'm sure it wasn't the case, but I always felt that people were wantong to hear the good news, the silver lining, and for quite a while I didn't have any good news. So texts, postcards etc that don't demand a reply are v v good IMHO.

I also became HOOKED on puzzle books, on those days when I needed to do something but couldn't follow even a soap on tv, I could just about handle a wordsearch!

HazeltheMcWitch Sat 13-Oct-12 00:47:46

Ooh, have just clocked he's camp... Righto, buying pressies for him ought to be fun! Cashmere bed socks? My feet SUFFERED. Very posh slippers? Also foot creme?

Am racking my brains to think of a luxurious but NOT strongly scented rich cream, and failing! I ended up with E45 cream, Aloe Vera gel and olive oil. So not very glam.

A smoking jacket? (Nice dressing gown).

My nails became atrocious, but I used neem oil and that seemed to help. You just massage it in to cuticles and nail bed.

FarelyKnuts Sat 13-Oct-12 02:10:10

When my DP was going through treatment she said she always felt really cold so I echo the fluffy bed socks, nice dressing gown/cardi idea.
And also the non scented lotions and potions though that usually lands you with E45 and vaseline.
Puzzle books and magazines that take little concentration are nice.

hackneyzoo Sat 13-Oct-12 08:37:49

Birdland, thanks for your suggestions, will head to the Khiels counter today and see what they've got, he'll like that. Sorry you are going through the same thing, hope your treatment goes well.

Hazel, thanks for your insight also, his Mum was saying he's too tired to reply to letters and texts, so I'm just going to keep it short and sweet, just so he knows I'm there if he needs me. I remember my mum's nails got shot to pieces, so will look out for some oil for him too. I hope you are well and on the road to recovery.

He will soooooo love a smoking jacket with some co-ordinated cashmere socks, what a fab idea, very him.

Farely ,Thanks for your ideas too, he likes sudoku, so can add that to my package.

I really appreciate everyones help, I feel a little shopping trip coming on..

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