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Please, does anyone know anything about VERY raised liver enzymes? Panicking here.

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emeraldgirl1 Thu 11-Oct-12 21:12:09

My Dh was told (3 years ago) after some blood tests that he had a fatty liver (high triglycerides amongst other things) and (perhaps because of the fatty liver) very high liver enzymes.

He did bugger-all about the fatty liver issue (he was told to lose weight) for 2 years and then about 6 months ago he finally got his act into gear and went on a diet/exercise regime.

Today we have just got his brand new blood results back the weight loss has worked. His triglycerides are now within normal range and cholesterol has come down, still a little high.

BUT his liver enzyme results are still WAY off the scale high. We don't know yet if they have come down at all because we don't yet have the old results to compare (doctor's fault...) But they are super-high, in the case of one of the enzymes 4 times the upper maximum level.

He has an appt with the consultant in a few weeks but I am panicking. (I am pregnant, and the stress is not helping)

DH is so pleased that his fats are way down that he is v gung-ho. He thinks that probably what it could be is that his liver was fatty for so long (years) that the liver is still recovering from that and that given time his enzymes will come down too as the fat stays off.

But I have stupidly googled and read all kinds of terrible things. Bile duct cancer the worst of them sad

He was tested for Hepatitis 3 years ago and it was clear, so we know it isn't that. The GP thought that could be one of the more obvious causes.

Oh and he had a liver ultrasound 3 years ago too and that was clear except for a bit of inflammation from the fatty liver. He may need a liver biospy now I guess to be sure the liver isn't harboring anything awful. sad

It could be glandular fever, but he feels fine otherwise, in fact he has been doing a v strenuous exercise program to get the weight off so he can't be suffering from chronic fatigue.

Does anyone know anything about raised liver enzymes and what we should be asking about? Anything to put my mind at ease a bit until we have the appt?

Thanks so much.

HanSolo Fri 12-Oct-12 20:30:15

sorry- these enzymes... is that the same as bilirubin levels?
There is a condition that leads to hgh bilirubin named Gilbert's Syndrome if that helps. Can cause ongoing pain, not always.

MajesticWhine Fri 12-Oct-12 20:35:51

Is it the AST and ALT measures?
They can be raised by a virus. Or prolonged heavy alcohol use - does he drink? - as well as many other conditions. But it does sound possible it's the after effects of the fatty liver also.

Baskets45 Fri 12-Oct-12 22:05:44

Just to reassure you, he's had this 3 yrs, if it was bile duct cancer he'd be much more ill by now. So it's v unlikely to be that. Another possible for raised LFTs is gall stones - they've probably ruled that out by ultrasound, if he's not got symptoms of gall bladder problems then it's not likely to be that. They've also ruled out viral hep, so that's lots of the 'nasties' ruled out really.

Another option is an autoimmune condition. There are several that cause raised liver enzymes. A liver biopsy and more blood tests would happen, after a referral to a liver specialist. A lot of the diagnosis seems to involve ruling things out or in by looking for certain markers in the blood, and biopsy results, etc. Most AI conditions are treatable, though the treatments aren't pleasant exactly.

He's done really well sorting his diet and exercise. Maybe he's right and it's just taking time to settle down. I hope you get answers soon. It's an added worry you don't need, i know. Is your baby due soon? Just reread your post, and it's only 6 months since he sorted his diet and exercise. Maybe it is just his liver taking time to settle. Hope that reassures you smile. I'm an ex nurse with liver disease, in fact with LFTs like you describe, so trying to keep my sensible and practical head on for me too!

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