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awaiting mums MRI head scan results-alone and anxious.......

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swampmonster Thu 11-Oct-12 13:37:51

Hi I just feel helpless as I wait for my mums MRI head scan results,I am pre-empting the worst but remaining positive for her, they kept her in as a sudden admission last week and are indicating pituitary gland issues.
God why wont they hurry up with this scan-do I plan to visit her soon (She is 6 hours away by car) I have 4 dc's to look after OMG she is my lifeline I couldn't stand anything happening yet-I know I sound pessimistic but her health hasn't been great over the years and I have always expected this kind of thing....please just see me through this agonising wait!
I have managed to occupy her mind for a while she is already onto 'fifty shades darker 'bless her! she is 65 this year as I know people may wonder.

GoldShip Thu 11-Oct-12 15:17:46

Hello swampmonster

I just want to let you know that you're not alone, and there's people here for you. I went through the same with my mum last year, she's only 38 though so wasnt expected at all. She'd been battling cervical cancer so a brain tumour was the cherry on the cake!

Its natural to be pessimistic and be thinking of the bad things, but you need to remain positive, it really does help you to keep your sanity. Everytime you think something like 'oh god what if this happens', you need to counter than with 'but it might not? why worry now, we'll face that if we have to'

I hope you get good results and that shes okay. (hugs)

swampmonster Thu 18-Oct-12 12:57:43

got results yesterday-she has growths on both ovaries and is being admitted for full hysterectomy ASAP won't know if it is benign until removed........a 2 week wait now, what am I meant to do this far away????

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