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Gallbladder Removal next week - does anyone have any POSITIVE stories?

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trickynicky Thu 11-Oct-12 13:35:22

Oh my goodness, I wish I hadn't searched on line but almost everyone seems to have bad things to say about gallbladder surgery recovery. I am having mine removed next week and very much looking forward to getting it over with but from what I am reading, recovery seems to be way harder than the surgeon is letting on! I'm terrified!

Can ANYONE reassure me at all? [hmmm]

dulwichparkrunner Sat 16-Mar-13 14:29:32

Hello - I can honestly say my gall bladder op was incredibly straight forward. My recovery was quick and it was the best decision I could have made. 

Like you, I had been seriously put off having this op from reading the stories online. So much so that when my op was scheduled - I backed out and cancelled it. 
I reckoned that by sticking strictly to a low fat diet that I could manage the condition and avoid surgery. 

Despite rigorously eating low fat the attacks kept coming and so I very reluctantly went back on the waiting list - my op went ahead and I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. 

I couldn't have it laproscopicly so I had open surgery. No one warned me that I might feel nauseous the day after the op - so I was a bit freaked out by a single episode of vomiting bright green bile. Doc said this was quite normal. 

I was as sore as u would expect from surgery - but oh the relief to eat exactly how I please - I have no dietary restrictions at all. 

I had been nervous about the "dumping" syndrome I had read about. Perhaps this is too much information - I have never suffered from this but I would say what I produce is marginally "looser" than before.  Also if I ate an exceptionally absolutely massive high fat meal - say a giant Xmas style dinner with all trimmings  I'd find I'd need the toilet within an hour or two. (a minor inconvenience)

Having the op has immeasurably changed my life for the better. I 
I eat everthing and anything I please without giving it a second thought. 
Good luck!

Footle Sun 17-Mar-13 08:41:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GrownupGoth Sun 17-Mar-13 10:10:58

I had my gallbladder out in Sept 2011. Late afternoon surgery so had to stay overnight, home the next morning. I found the gas pains in my shoulders worse than anything else but they dissipated, of course painkillers and resting help.

Up and back to normal very quickly, no dietary restrictions but like some other people have said high fat foods do affect me slightly. Four tiny scars. I'm so glad I don't have the hideous pain any more smile

Walterarc Mon 10-Jun-13 23:58:21

I never realised I gall bladder problems till I was taken in hospital after I came back from the Dominican Republic in 2004- my GP thought I might have a tropical disease so he made a phone call and had me admitted to Hospital. during test upon test they found I had gall stones but also another Dr discovered that my ECG was not as it should be. To cut a long story short eventually-years later it was discovered that I had 30mm tear in my atrium (the wall in the centre of the heart)otherwise known as an atrial septal defect.meanwhile I was still getting gall stone attacks after eating pie and chips for instance- but I stuck to rabbit food and was ok and just took paracetamol and tramodol if did have an attack and a couple of pints of larger which took the pain off. My cardiologist said I would have to have a sternotomy then open heart surgery so I could have my atrium repaired-at this point I asked if the surgeon could take my gall bladder out at the same time, you know if the gas people have got the road up and the electricity people need to do something do it at the same time-but my consultant went ape- he said no way could it be done while they had my chest open. Now I have got to have surgery again but reading all the stories I wonder is it worth it.

BusyGirl4 Wed 25-Nov-15 03:55:04

I am about to have mine out last week and am terrified like many I have read nothing but horror stories , I have four children under 11 to look after ( my seven year old is autistic and convinced I am not going to come home ) I am tired of reading the horror stories I just want the truth on is it that bad or are some people just not made for pain ? I have had four c-sections , all of those I found unpleasant but the first was the worst ..why ? Because they lead me into it thinking it was no big deal and it was a huge f*****g deal and incredibly painful, I get they don't tell you these things as not to scare you but not knowing sometimes makes it worse ( or it certainly did that first time ) I managed the others better knowing the pain I would be in afterwards, Ita the not knowing that drives my mind round the bend all the time! I am up to two attacks a day now so I have no choice I have been listed as category one, which in Australia means extremely urgent , most urgent you can get. I want it out but don't want a huge recovery......sigh.
I never know if the horror stories are those that simply had bad surgeons bad experiences by bad luck or just not use to pain. With a breast tumour removed , wisdom teeth and four c-sections in the last 11 years I a, use to surgery and pain...hopefully that helps . Any advice would be appreciated as I am honestly terrified after what I read last night.

Footle Wed 25-Nov-15 19:40:51

Good lord, stop reading all that stuff. I had my gall bladder out about 11 years ago in my mid 50s, was home the same day, had several weeks of rather frothy yellow bowel movements which then became normal again. The scars were tiny and a bit sore for about a week.
The relief of not having to worry about the colic attacks was incredible. Chill out - you can't possibly go on as you are with two attacks a day. You've already been through by far the worst of it : the operation is going to be the start of feeling better !
Yes I know that can't guarantee that - but I'm prepared to bet. People post online when they're feeling ill, not when they're feeling well. I do believe you'll be fine - and your children will stay calmer if you can get a grip. So here's a gripwinebrew

SparklesandBangs Wed 25-Nov-15 19:53:29

This is an old thread but for support BusyGirl4 I'll post. I had my gall bladder out 2 weeks before Christmas 3 years ago through keyhole surgery, according to the consultant mine was the worst he had ever seen it was so diseased, but he persevered in an operation that was about 4 hours long and got it out. I felt rough for the following 2 weeks (exactly) then on day 15 felt fine again.
Do you have any help with your children as I was very uncomfortable from the gas that they fill you with and just general woozyness from the anesthetic initially, then just sore and tired after that.

wuckfit Wed 25-Nov-15 19:56:58

Had mine out after months of pain was fine no pain now fantastic!!

bigbluebus Wed 25-Nov-15 20:14:22

DH had his out a couple of years ago. He took Paracetemol on day 1 and 2 and after that needed no pain relief whatsoever. He went back to work after 10 days even though GP signed him off for 4 weeks. He can also eat whatever he likes now with no ill effects (I have come across people who say they need to eat a low fat diet due to having no gall bladder).

PandoNoPants Fri 27-Nov-15 20:24:30

I had 6 years of cholecystitis/infections/pain - no stones! Finally got it taken out via keyhole surgery in 2011. Lived in the gym 6 days a week/low fat diet/very healthy. Turns out I had thickening of the gallbladder wall and possible gallbladder disease.

I found my attacks worse than the pain I experienced in labour!

Surgery fine, woke up a bit achey and I only mumbled and the nurse was there with the morphine already (pretty sure I didn't need it!!). The only real pain I had was in my chest/shoulders from gas :p

I was advised to go home that afternoon and eat bland food. Being a bit of twat, I ordered Chinese..bad idea. I do have a very sensitive stomach anyway. Spent the evening on the loo! The next day I was at a soft play centre. It was no where near as bad as I had thought (worked myself up into a panic over). My DS was about 13 months old when I had it out. I coped ok. Went back to work after 10 days too.

I do have to watch what I eat now though. Like I said above, I have a very sensitive stomach but if I eat anything too fatty (especially eggs), I will be ill (think IBS). I think there are medications that can help with that - it's not something I have explored because I have recognised my trigger foods.

I found my first C-section very hard to deal with (emergency Cs). Second planned cs wasn't anywhere near as bad. Gallbladder surgery was really no big deal and I don't do pain!!

You will be fine honestly and no more nasty gallbladder attacks!


lilyfields Sat 05-Dec-15 09:47:25

Hi everyone, I just had my gallbladder removed on Tuesday and was thinking I shouldn't have done it as all the stuff I've been reading on post surgery experiences are awful!!! I'm doing pretty all right so far, I had lap hole surgery and the wound on my belly button is the most sore... The other 3 incisions aren't causing any grief at all. My tummy is till bloated due to the gas they pumped into me and I look like I'm three months pregnant!! I read that this can stay around for a while and I'm kinda freaking out over it.... I would love to hear what your experiences were and how long it took for a full recovery to go back into exercise and your normal lives. Thanks

goinggrey1978 Sat 05-Dec-15 10:00:41

had mine out 11 years ago, by keyhole surgery, just make sure you take your painkillers regularly for the first week and no driving until the stitches are out! i batch cooked a load of dinners that just needed warming up, as you really won't feel like doing anything during the first week at least

hartmel Sun 06-Dec-15 04:12:09

Mine started during pregnancy with my first son.. The doctor said that once baby is out and there won't be any pressure on it, it will normalize itself.. Well 3 month later I ended up at A & E. Turned out that one stone got stuck in the main artery and my gallbladder started to rip apart.. So I first had to get it cleaned, then had the surgery the next day and the day after I went home in the morning.. Everyone was surprised that I was holding my 3 month old son..
And we went on a trip two weeks later.

As everyone says just walk as soon as you can..

It will be two years next week and I can eat what I want and I had another baby since then :-)

Nickinoo30 Mon 07-Dec-15 07:30:24

I had mine out in July and I agree the belly button area is the sorest! I took it easy for the first 2 or 3 days as felt battered but then seemed to recover fairly quickly after that. I was back driving 5 days after. I felt completely fine after 2-3 weeks to be honest but did follow the no heavy lifting for 6 weeks after. Hope you feel better soon

cantthinkofabloodyname Wed 20-Jan-16 20:18:02

I have the joy of gallstones at the moment. Well, I say gallstones but I really mean 1 beast of a gallstone. I went to a walk in clinic last Monday as I was in (what I thought was) agony and was told that I either had gallstones or cholecyctitis (inflamed gallbladder) I was given antibiotics and told to get my GP to refer me for a scan. I couldn't get an appointment with my GP so I had to accept a phone appointment on the Wednesday. I never got to have the phone appointment, as I ended up in A&E on the Wednesday morning and was admitted shortly after.
I have a 2.5cm gallstone that is lodged against the opening of my gallbladder. My gallbladder was badly inflamed & infected, so I was given 4 days of iv antibiotics & another week's worth of oral antibiotics to take at home. I'm now waiting for a surgery date and trying to avoid any food that triggers pain.

Diamondj0916 Mon 07-Mar-16 01:49:53

Omg thank you for the positive post. I have been doing research and only been given negative feed back. I'm in so much pain and the N/Vis awful so most definitely getting mines removed soon. I can't take this any longer.

camperkid Mon 07-Mar-16 10:04:57

Husband suffered 5 emergency admissions last year before op in June. One resulted in 3 weeks in and v. seriously ill when it ruptured over Christmas/New Year. Had op last June - 5 hours keyhole surgery, despite having a lot of adhesions from the rupture - came round at 4 pm and by 8 pm was feeling peckish having missed lunch and dinner! So he had supper!
Following day could not believe he had been 5 hours in surgery. Minimal pain/discomfort, but had to be kept in to allow drainage after all the cleaning up internally! Fantastic caring team at Scunthorpe Hospital.
He has felt great since. Good old NHS - there when it matters.

hopz Mon 07-Mar-16 15:30:57

Happier now I have heard some positive outcomes. Got a date for gall bladder removal today. I have MS and am worrying about recovery. I have considerable abdominal pain and don't know how much is down to Gall Stone or the Transverse myelitis I suppose i'm about to find out!!
I agree forums can be a scary read, so many negative stories.
Thank - you to those who have had a positive outcome and have taken time to say so.
I hope to report a similar outcome.

treaclesoda Mon 07-Mar-16 15:35:50

I have had gallbladder removal; I had been extremely ill for several months beforehand. It was amazing, even as I groggily came round in the recovery room I was in less pain than when I went into surgery. I felt fully recovered within a week and went back to work about a week earlier than the doctors advised, because I felt fine. Very little post OP pain, just a few weeks stabbing pains if I moved too quick.

I've had quite a few surgeries and it was by far the easiest.

There are horror stories but there are also good outcomes like mine. Good luck.

spub Mon 07-Mar-16 21:02:04

Had mine out 5 weeks ago. Was scared rigid but it was all fine.
My surgery went long as I had lots of loose stones but am soooo much better for having it all taken out.
Expect to be very tired for a good couple of weeks and take some peppermint rennies into hospital for afterwards. The gas they put into your tummy can make you sore and this helps to, ahem, dispel it.
Honestly, you'll be amazed at how much better you feel soon and at how great it is not to be worried about that awful pain coming backgrin

rice1234 Tue 08-Nov-16 17:24:07

Hi I'm also about to have my gall bladder out. REally worried and anxious about it - does anyone have any advice with regards to trying to go down the natural route?

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