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Any cardiologists around

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Haemadoots Tue 09-Oct-12 18:14:39

I was diagnosed with a systolic heart murmur this year, was referred to cardiology, had bloods, ECG and echo, had appt with consultant who was very nice and said my echo was completely normal and go a live a normal life and not to worry, he didn't need to see me again unless anything changed, great. Today I was filling in a medical form and phoned surgery to ask what kind of murmur I had, to put on form the receptionist read out my letter as I asked and and it read " I have been able to completely reassure ....that echo was entirely normal, I repeated ECG and noted partial right bundle branch block." Now I was completely unaware that I had partial rbbb, my sensible head says he felt in was insignificant and never mentioned it, but my health anxiety says otherwise, anyone around?

kiwigirl42 Tue 09-Oct-12 18:27:18

I'd tend to believe your cardiologist. He would have said something or started you on some drugs if he was concerned. And I'm not just being flippant - I had heart surgery 3 yrs ago and have something weird on my ECG too (can't remember what) and decided to let the cardiologist worry about it.
Bundle branches are part of your hearts electrical system and the block can't be bad enough to interfer with your heart beating. or it wouldn't ;0)

Haemadoots Tue 09-Oct-12 20:18:50

Thanks kiwi my minds working overtime here sad need to step away from dr google

sashh Wed 10-Oct-12 05:20:36

It means the electrical system of your heart is slightly delayed in one part.

Don't worry about it. The echo is normal which means that the heart is functioning normally and that is the important bit.

If you think of your heart and circulation as a central heating system, the boiler is your heart. It has a pump do get the water around the radiators, and it has an electrical system to control the pump.

Immagine that in a normal system an LED lights up when the heating is working, but in your house the LED doesn't work.

The boiler works perfectly, your house is warm and the timer works. But there is a tiny fault that means the LED does not light up.

Would yo be bothered? Would you call an engineer? Of course not because it is working perfectly.

Is that a good analogy? yes there is something 'abnormal' but it is not something to worry about. It is not making your eart malfunction.

Haemadoots Wed 10-Oct-12 09:19:32

Thanks sashh am having a wobble so am going to see gp, got questions and I know she won't mind and I need to put my mind at rest, I have googled and it seems partial or incomplete rbbb can be a variance of normal so hopefully I am a variancegrin many thanks for your posts they have helped.

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