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Just need to rant

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Geekster Thu 04-Oct-12 19:59:28

Title says it all really just feeling fed up at the moment. Had a bad flare of eczema on my elbows last week, got a bit infected and I had some antibiotic and steroid cream which has really cleared it up which is good obviously but now I've had a flare up of erythema multiforme. Which means I have massive blisters on my palms and fingers which peel off leaving really raw and sore skin. Been to GP today and got antibiotics, painkillers and bandages as have to bandage hands as anything remotely touches my hands it really hurts. It was the infected eczema that brought it on, it's caused by a reaction to an infection. Makes it very difficult to do anything let alone look after an active seven month old baby. There rant over.

One strange thing though. The GP I saw today was one of the doctors in the operating room when I had my c section! She said she wants a change of career.

Thanks for 'listening'

mrsfuzzy Thu 04-Oct-12 23:06:43

honey, feel sorry for you, i,ve got a chest infection as present, rattling when i breathe and feeling like poop, just do what you can and dont worry too much about house work and the like, do what you can, rest when little one does and hang on to the fact this yucky time will pass, best wishes to you.

Geekster Fri 05-Oct-12 10:00:58

Thanks mrsfuzzy sorry you have got a chest infection, and feel like poop. What a pair we are. Like you say it's a good excuse to have a rest from housework.

I hope you start feeling better soon. All the best.

mrsfuzzy Sun 07-Oct-12 13:49:32

geekster, how's it going are you feeling better with life yet? it's like trying to climb mount everest in flip flops when you have health problems and kids to look after!

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