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Is this some sort of immune system disorder or am I just really unlucky?

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neverquitesure Thu 04-Oct-12 19:40:48

I've had a strange year. Since April I have managed to chalk up:

- Adult onset hay fever
- Adult onset asthma
- Allergic reaction to an OTC drug (an antihistamine, ironically)
- 2 lots of bronchitis (related to the asthma?)
- And then yesterday, a rather painful and, ahem, explosive reaction to a soya product that I have happily eaten for years, although not recently

This is all new to me, I'm not/wasn't an 'allergic' type person. Why has my immune system suddenly chosen this year to attack me?

I am also very tired by the end of each day, my muscles ache after climbing the stairs and so forth and I am sleeping more than usual. My (high) fitness level seems to have dropped and I find myself puffing and panting doing activities I would have sailed through a year ago. Given the hay fever and asthma, this would seem normal I guess. No noticeable weight loss/gain or other 'symptoms' I can think of.

I had a run of viruses in December last year and didn't feel 'well' until well into the New Year. Could this be to blame. We also moved to the area 2 years ago, perhaps there is something locally triggering all this? Is it a simple case of bad luck? Am I just getting old?

I'm seeing the asthma/allergy nurse at our local practice but it's all about trying to control the symptoms. I have considered getting a GP appointment but feel like I would be wasting her time.

Maybe I just need a good moan grin

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 04-Oct-12 20:19:18

I don't think it would be wasting your gps time at all. What a rotten time youve had. From an utter laypersons POV I think it would be good to have a specialist look at your immune system to see why its gone a bit bonkers.

neverquitesure Thu 04-Oct-12 20:52:52

I'm wondering whether it's a mold allergy (not in our house, our caravan) that has sparked off other allergies. Oh I don't know, it's pointless speculating really. I think the chance that I will get my GP to refer me to a specialist is fairly remote but it's worth a try. I have been putting it off as I am seriously Not Good with medical stuff and I imagine they will want to take blood <wuss>

I have had a google and it doesn't seem to be anything sinister which, considering the amazing power google usually has to turn the tiniest sniffle into a terminal disease, bodes well grin

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