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T4 low tsh low and decreasing....what does it al mean

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Chippychop Thu 04-Oct-12 00:19:25

So had a confusing conversation with dr. After two sets of blood tests 3 myths apart it seems my tsh that was already low has decreased further. Ruling out a thyroid problem and pointing in the direction of a pituitary problem. To go back in 3 mtjs for more blood tests to measure levels. He said my hormone levels are normal but this could be disguised by the fact I have a coil fitted. Dr suspects menopause although I'm only 43, or depression or something else.... My clinical symtoms are anxiety (monthly/sporadic) aching hands and arms. (Intermittent) and I have to manage on painkillers. I'm not sure what to make of it, he gave me my levels and told me to review on dr google. Have I got a pitutory problem?is it hormonal? What can I do to help myself? Oh and he said if my levels don't improve he'll refer me to an endocrinologist. I'm not sure what to think or whether to go private or what really. Any thought????

l4k Thu 04-Oct-12 08:45:00

I think he should be sending you to an endocrinologist with an interest in pituitary problems now.
I have a pituitary condition that showed up as low tsh and low T4 and T3. This is not something your average gp will know about.
How's your blood pressure? Any other strange symptoms? They could be wide ranging if it is a pituitary problem as it tells all the other glands in the body what to do.
Hth. Good luck.

l4k Thu 04-Oct-12 10:20:22

p.s my female/fertility hormones were normal too. That doesn't rule out a pituitary problem.

Chippychop Thu 04-Oct-12 10:39:15

My hormone levels are ok. I did feel really down/black last year but feel better since having the coil fitted. I do suffer anxiety where I can dwell on something till it really winds me up until it becomes an issue.but then it passes.. I have been getting tired easier, and I have aches and pains in my hands and arms regularly but blood pressure is alway on the lower side but has been all my life and not a concern.

The doc admitted he didn't know what was going on and would need to refer to his specialist colleague in endocrinology. This surprises me I suppose that I assume gp's know a bit more than they do.

What sort of problems do you experience with your pituitary if you don't mind me asking?

l4k Thu 04-Oct-12 11:03:05

the longer I went undiagnosed,the more symptoms I had. The biggest was a feeling that my body was just not working properly. I had just had a baby so put it down to that at first but the tiredness, lack of stamina, and brain fog just got slowly worse. I have low blood pressure and always have but does it drop as you stand from lying down ? That was a sign of pituitary damage. I used to feel dizzy and not with-it. I also stopped socialising because I just couldn't be bothered which was unlike me. Another sign was when my head hair growth slowed down and my body hair got really sparse.
There are many different causes for the pituitary gland to stop working, but if it's underactive the treatment is to replace the hormones that you are lacking.(because the pituitary gland isn't telling the thyroid or adrenal glands or whatever what to do)
So I take hydrocortisone to replace the cortisol hormone the adrenal glands should be making,
and most take thyroxine but I take liothyronine to replace the thyroid hormone.
I hope I've not confused you, it really is so complicated that you need to see a specailist.
oh and yes to the anxiety too.Thankfully that went with the treatment.

Chippychop Thu 04-Oct-12 14:12:40

Gosh that's more enlightening than
Confusing and sounds so familiar. I've just Been putting symptoms down to being a wuss then I thought of what's gone on in the last4 years and thought I've had a lot on my plate. Will talk to Dh this weekend I think l. Thx

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