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Does anyone out there have this allergy??????

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assumpta Wed 03-Oct-12 19:47:01

Grape seed/oil. It is driving me completely mad. I washed my hair this afternoon in a rush with one of my dd shampoo, and started snuffing, sneezing, eyes watering within ten minutes. I have been suspecting this for over a year now, but kept doubting myself. So this afternoon when I checked the ingredients, there it was GRAPE SEED OIL!

I have been diagnosed with dust mite, had the skin prick tests etc, but with the grape seed nothing showed up. The nurse who did the test said that the test they tried with some hand cream with grape seed in it probably wouldn't show any way. Does anyone else suffer from this? I am due to go next April for desentisation for dust mite, but what is the point if I still have the grape seed/oil/extract problem. I hope someone else can fill me in on their experiences.

assumpta Thu 04-Oct-12 11:58:50

My allergy got worse as the night went on. I had severe itching of the soft pallet of my mouth. My throat was killing me, my nose was just streaming out clear fluid and my eyes were swollen from itching and watering. My teeth and gums were hurting like mad and I had a really bad pressure headache. I eventually rang a pharmacist who told me to take a piriton and it should start to settle in about half an hour, and at least the piriton would make me sleep. If there was no change in the morning go to the doctor. I didn't sleep a wink, my throat felt like it was been scratched with sandpaper and my nose kept streaming. I eventually got up at 3 am and just washed and washed my hair and head with hot water for about 20 min, then settled in a sitting position for the rest of the night till about 5. Not much sleep after that either and little improvement. Of course when I ring the doctors this morning to get an appointment, it is near impossible. I eventually got one. The pharmacist mentioned a few days of steroids, but I have no idea how these work/help.

tabbycat15 Sat 06-Oct-12 14:45:31

I think they reduce inflammation. Usually a nose spray is used for hay fever or rhinitis symptoms. Steroid creams are used topically to reduce inflammation.

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