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So I just had a call from my surgeon - what does he mean - please help??

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trickynicky Wed 03-Oct-12 11:08:21

I'm booked for a gallbladder removal next week but just had a call from my surgeon who said that my "Liver Function Test is "deranged" and as such he wants me to have a procedure similar to an MRI scan ASAP and then if there's a gallstone blocking my duct, I 'll have to have an urgent ERCP (sp?) before being able to have my gallbladder out.....

OMG I have been absolutely looking forward to having the gallbladder out next week but this all sounds terrifying and worrying. Is my liver damaged??

Please help, am having panic attack here!


MadgeHarvey Wed 03-Oct-12 11:38:11

Don't panic! It doesn't necessarily mean you have liver damage but if you do have a stone stuck in the common bile duct then your liver function test will be abnormal. And if there is a stone there it has to come out PDQ - and that's what the ERCP is for! ERCP is just like an endoscopy - they'll sedate you for the procedure - or it may even be GA - but you'll be ok - it's not a huge huge deal. Uncomfortable but not requiring overnight I don't think. Keep calm - I've just been through all this - not the ERCP although it was thought I might have to have one. You'll be fine and when the gallbladder is out you'll be so much happier! Good luck xx

trickynicky Wed 03-Oct-12 12:00:15

Thanks Madge. I am so panicking - I was so looking forward to the op and finally being pain/worry free! Seems like it will all be put back and I'll have to have an endoscope procedure which sounds hideous. Am so scared.

MadgeHarvey Wed 03-Oct-12 12:04:35

I was scared too but honestly - with hindsight I had no reason to be. If you emphasise to them that you are scared they'll give you something to knock you out. Well mine did anyway (I had an endoscopy prior to the gallbladder removal) - I kept telling them I have a very sensitive gag reflex, which is true, and that I was terrified of that. I got knocked clean out for the procedure! Happy to answer any other questions you may have as not only have I just been through this but DH is a specialist nurse in exactly these kind of procedures.

trickynicky Wed 03-Oct-12 12:16:12

I'll be honest, I think I'm more freaked out about the idea that my liver is being damaged by a possible blockage than anything else! That's got to be dangerous!!

I'm having an MRCP I believe tomorrow. This sounds fairly straight forward as a procedure but if I do have a bile stone blocking my duct, isn't this really urgent? I'm scheduled for gallbladder surgery next Weds but do you think it's likely that this will be pushed back until after the ERCP (presuming they find something?)

I'm also worrying that it's not a blockage and something else is wrong with my liver! Seems unlikely though right (?) given that I know I have gallstones and I'm peeing very yellow wee....

thanks again.... much appreciating your support.

MadgeHarvey Wed 03-Oct-12 13:07:10

It was suggested that I might need an ERCP after my gallbladder removal due to continued stabby pains - but an ultrasound found no sign of a stone in my common bile duct. I think I remember them saying that had there been one it would have had to come out very quickly - but only because it can cause a very great deal of pain if not removed. I was weeing dark yellow before the op - that, apparently, was to be expected - but all my liver function tests were fine, or within expected range. I'm pretty sure you'll find that once you're all sorted out your liver functions will return to absolutely normal.

alwaysme Wed 03-Oct-12 19:12:26

"deranged" mine were called "off the scale" grin Don't panic, this can be quite normal with gall bladder problems.

You are lucky that they are checking your bile duct first, mine never got checked and after gall bladder removal, I was in even worse pain. Pancreaitiis (spelling) with 4 stones in bile duct, you do not want to go there trust me!!

ERCP is done under sedation, you won't know a thing about it. Your liver readings will get back to normal after, mine took a while but came down in the end.

ripsishere Thu 04-Oct-12 04:14:00

I had stones in my bile duct. The pain was indescribable. I had an ERCP with sedation due to my ridiculous gag reflex. I don't remember a thing about it.
Good luck OP.

Groovee Thu 04-Oct-12 06:01:01

I was admitted as an emergency and was also told my liver function was deranged. Not the thing to tell someone who's dad had a liver transplant. It just showed I was in the middle of an attack when I went in.

During my surgery I had dye injected and X-rays taken, and my liver was in good shape (well it should be after 4 days of no food and only drips).

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