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Anxiety in Children

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plugster Tue 02-Oct-12 20:35:13

I'll admit that the subject above is rather broad, but, i'm after some reading material to educate my partnerand I on anxiety in children.

As somebody who was bullied at secondary school by pupils and a teacher i can recall the feelings i had at the time without knowing then that it caused anxiety.

After a short time my parents begun to see the effects it was having on me. In the days leading up to a particular lesson with a certain teacher my behavious would change. I'd start to disrupt days out because of the fear i had about what would happen the next day. I'd make myself ill with worry and even pretend to be ill just to get out of going to school. However I never once 'bunked' off of the lesson as it just wasn't the way i was brought up.

I want to be able to help my children (son of 3 and a daughter of six months) deal with and control fear when they encounter it.

Is anybody able to suggest a book which can help me teach my kids to control their emotions in times of stress and worry, once they reach an age they can recognise and understand nerves, fear and anxiety?

FreelanceMama Tue 02-Oct-12 23:07:01

I can't answer your direct question although interested in the answer.

However you could try Simplicity Parenting which is about what you can do as parents to reduce stress in your children's lives and make home feel secure which I think can help.

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