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They would pull me in if it was really serious wouldn't they?

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ElizabethFailer Mon 01-Oct-12 16:19:48

I have posted about this before, in the last couple of weeks, but generally at night, so haven't had many replies. I've posted the picture on my profile - it's a bladder scan I had on the 6th September.
The consultant has already said he wants to do an investigation of both bladder and vagina, and I've had worrying symptoms from all 3 areas, but have put it down to being overweight/post 4-c-sections, my connective tissue disease. But this looks like a lump. I'm hoping it's cysts or fibroids, but would you be worried about it potentially being more than that? My GP also looked shocked when I handed her my phone, and she tried to access my hospital record, but they seem to have lost my records and haven't booked the appointment for the cystoscopy, even though it should have been done by now.
I know I should just be patient, but I'm now worried every time I get painful trapped wind in my lower left abdomen, and I just don't know whether I should be jumping up and down in indignation, or just sit and wait. confused Help me, O wise ones!

TheLightPassenger Mon 01-Oct-12 19:27:36

I know nothing about medical matters, but I think you should be jumping up and down to get the care that was promised you, i.e the cystoscopy. If you/GP are chasing, that should concentrate people's minds to have a more thorough search for your notes, or if all else fails there will be correspondence and scan results on the computer system.

ElizabethFailer Tue 02-Oct-12 19:48:44


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