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Blood tests results after hair thinning

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cafelatte Sun 30-Sep-12 11:50:37

Hi I posted a few weeks ago when I noticed that my hair had considerably thinned, I had a lot of blood tests done (thyroid, liver function, hormones, testosterone levels etc....) and they all came back entirely normal.

My youngest is 5 now so it's nothing to do with losing hair after pregnancy, and I am 36 years old so hopefully not pre menopausal yet, so I am wondering why.

It's not falling out in clumps or anything, just a general thinning, especially on top, and also the quality of my hair is awful, thin, lifeless, flat and dry.

I am currently taking supplements for hair, nails and skin (Perfectil) and have done for the past month or so, and I am kind of noticing quite a lot of short hair in the fringe area, and throughout the hair, and I am SOOOOOOOOO hoping that it's growing back.

Anyone else had a similar experience and then their hair grew back to normal?
Please say yes!! sad

tabbycat15 Mon 01-Oct-12 04:38:46

My hair has been falling out for 9 years. All blood tests were normal. It's never been the same since. I took supplements but nothing worked. It must be stress related. I am 42 & not menopausal either. I wish something had been found deficient then at least I would have known what was causing it.

chipstick10 Mon 01-Oct-12 08:59:49

cafelatte I feel for you and have been there, and worn the t shirt. It was a slow process and it started with me and my hairdresser noticing that my fringe wouldnt sit properly. I was so busy constantly looking at my hairline that i didnt notice the rest of my hair.
No massive hair shed just thinning. Doc done the normal tests, all came back normal. Eventually due to advice on Mn i consulted Philip Kingsley. I knew already what it was but was hoping i was wrong. Female pattern hairloss. I wish i had gone earlier. I waited over a year before seeking help and my consultant told me it would have been thinning long before that.
Due to medical probs id had to go on Hrt 8yrs ago and due to medical probs i had to come off it 4 years ago and i think that was the moment my hair had probably started to thin. Id always had fine hair but loads and loads of it. Never even lost hair after giving birth. So this came as quite a shock. I now have to accept my hair is very very thin. The whole structure has changed. Its a totally different experience blow drying it and i have to keep it short and blonde to give it some oomph. Tbf I dont have a wide part (tell tale signs) or scalp showing but its very thin. It is not apparent to others. My consultant says its mild but to me its anything but. Seek help sooner rather than later.

coffeecake Mon 01-Oct-12 10:56:47

That's awful tabbycat, I feel for you, I just hope mine will grow back and not keep thinning!
Chipstick has seeing a Trichologist helped? Did he give you some treatment?
I'm definitely going to see a trichologist, as I am freaking out it's going to get worse.

coffeecake Mon 01-Oct-12 11:17:45

Chipstick I never lost hair after pregnancy either, and it also came as a shock. I can't seem to be able to find a trichologist near me (Winchester).
Sorry the other confusing thing as well is that I changed my name initially to cafelatte (can't remember why I did that) and now I'm back to coffeecake, so I am the same person wink

tabbycat15 Mon 01-Oct-12 13:30:23

I saw a trichologist & had scalp biopsies done. He diagnoses Androgenic Alopecia. Mine started 4 mths after dd's birth then just never stopped. I tried the Yasmin pill, Diane pill, Microgynon pill & Spronolactone. I had to discontinue due to bad side effects & also the pill made my depression worse.
I don't think there is any miracle cure. There is something cslled Nourkrin ( not sure of spelling) it is expensive but I don't know if it really works.

The trichologist said I could try rubbing in the men's Rogaine foam containing Minixidol. It is messy & had to be done for ever. It doesn't work for everyone & is expensive. I didn't bother as I was @ blow dry my hair every other day as it's curly & I dry it straight. It's the only way to make it look decent. I couldn't keep washing it every day. If your hair is very short you could give it a try..

happygilmore Mon 01-Oct-12 13:40:48

I had this and it turned out I was very deficient in Vit D (a lot of people are in this country). As soon as I fixed that, it all grew back. Your dr probably didn't test it, so it's worth asking for it to be done - or you can get it done at

My levels were through the floor. If you do take a supplement for being deficient it needs to be very high though, much higher than in a multivitamin. Definitely worth checking.

coffeecake Mon 01-Oct-12 15:12:41

Thanks happygilmore, you are giving me a bit of hope!! I swear I can see some short hair coming through all over the hair, does that mean it's growing back do you think? Or is that something everyone gets (I noticed my DD who's 7 had short hair growing all over her hair too, a bit more at the hairline, like me).

Do you remember what yours looked like when it was growing back and how long it took?

I suddenly had a thought as well, back in February, I had the flu and was literally bed ridden, and around about May time I noticed quite a lot of hair shedding on my hairstraighteners mat, a lot more than normal. I didn't think anything of it as my hair didn't look that thin (it's always been annoyingly thick).

I no longer notice loads of hair coming out, but I read recently that sometimes after the flu or any other traumatic event (like an operation or something) you can shed a lot of hair (usually 3/4 months later) which coincides with when I noticed all the hair on my mat.
If it was the case, I am not sure how long it takes to lose the hair (months? weeks?) after getting the flu and how long it would take to grow back.

happygilmore Wed 03-Oct-12 19:50:19

Yes you can definitely have alopecia after a traumatic event - google Telogen effluvium

I noticed my hair was thinning and it was all over the house, just like it was a few months after having a baby. My hair is naturally very thick so it wasn't as noticeable to others, but it got a lot thinner and very brittle.

It went back to normal as soon as I started high dose vitamin D replacement.

Hope yours improves. I'd definitely recommend having your vit d levels tested tho, it's so common to be deficient in this country, we don't have enough sun!

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