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Haemorhoidectomy- what was I thinking!

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Frazzledredhead Sat 29-Sep-12 15:04:24

Anyone else out there gone through this surgery and can advise useful post op soothers and advice? Clearly was naive going into this- may be long term gain but omg short term (?) pain!!!

Japple Sun 30-Sep-12 01:32:29

The kind of surgery you are having is a "last ditch" resort.You must Need it;and
it must be affecting your life.They grow Back,you know.You will need Pain Meds.
Our Doctor/surgeon gave us Lortabs.We just cut them in half,half in the AM,when we are busy,and a small "Chip" at bedtime.You will have to Time your
"Sitz" baths.Coolish water,and dab carefully so as not to get sore.Do Not use
any "Wipes"...Ouch!! Pain! You will be changing to fresh undies from time to time...helps to keep clean.Drink,Drink,Drink.Do Not Eat heavy,Hearty foods.You
will suffer when it passes.We ate jello,puddings,soups,eggs, that.It
will be over sooner than you think.Stay away from Seeds! Cucumber,tomato,
etc.No popcorn,peanuts.Make it a Life Change.You'll be fine.Jill and Hubby.

Imlostwithoutahope Sun 30-Sep-12 10:11:13

Sorry I can't help, your post has made me glad I decided not to go for it now though.

If you google it I'm there's a forum somewhere where lots of people had it done and were recovering etc. it's the one I read prior to deciding if I would have the op. they may help you get through it.
good luck, hope you feel better soon.

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