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Has anyone had a pulmonary embolism during pregnancy?

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DigestivesWithPhiladelphia Wed 26-Sep-12 19:32:17


I am 22 weeks pregnant with twins and, after a v/q scan today, was told I have PE's in both lungs.

It has been a long week, trekking back & forth to the hospital with my 18 month in tow, and I was a bit shocked by the positive result as every Dr I've seen said they thought a PE was very unlikely. My only symptom has been shortness of breath (which has been going on for over a month) and a slightly raised heartrate. I also have no risk factors apart from being pregnant.

The A & E Dr. who gave me the results said that the clots are in "the best possible place" as they are at the end of something (she was talking about branches on a tree, but I was a bit shocked at the time & can't remember the full description!) in my lungs and won't move. She said there are no clots in the main passage between my heart & lungs. She was unable to answer a lot of my questions and said the nurse in the DVT clinic would answer them.

So, off I went to the DVT clinic. The nurse there was lovely but he was unable to answer my questions & said they will be answered by my OB & a heamotologist (don't know if I've spelt that correctly, sorry) who I will see in clinic within 2 or 3 weeks.

I've left the hospital with my fragmin (I've already been taking this for a few days while waiting for tests) and I fully understand how to administer it and how it works.

However, I don't understand how much 'at risk' I am now i've started treatment. The nurse said it reduces the risk a lot but couldn't give me any figures relating to this.

He told me to ring 999 if I suffer pain or have more severe shortness of breath. I'm reasoning that I'm probably quite safe as I've been allowed to leave the hospital and won't be seen again for a few weeks. But still, I am tired and a bit emotional and I can't help panicking about dying during this pregnancy/what wil happen if I need an emergency section & I start to bleed/the risk of dying after the babies are born...

I also don't understand how I will be monitored to assess whether any new clots have formed. Will I be scanned again? Will they just 'wait & see'?

I know I'm probably over-reacting a little tonight but I can't help feeling a bit sorry for myself tonight sad and feel a bit annoyed that I was sent gone without the opportunity to get some answers to my questions. I have unfortunately turned to google & have now convinced myself that I have a 3-8% of dying from a clot, even though I have started treatment. Hopefully I've calculated this wrongly!

Any information from someone who has been in this situation, or who knows more about it, would be helpful please.

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