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Breast cancer symptoms

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JustFabulous Tue 25-Sep-12 19:50:34

Can anyone tell me them please, confused by all the BC sites and does there always have to be a lump?

IamtheZombie Tue 25-Sep-12 20:00:32

((( Fab )))

Most often a lump is the first thing someone notices. But, no, there doesn't always have to be a lump that you can feel.

I've had breast cancer twice. The first time was 20 years ago and there was no lump. That was a very early Ductal Carcinoma In Situ which was only found on a mammogram. The second diagnosis was just over 10 months ago. There was a lump that time.

Can you tell us what the symptoms are?

Also, please PM me if you want a more private chat.

JustFabulous Tue 25-Sep-12 20:17:07

My grandmother had breast cancer, actually spotted by me when I saw her nipple was inverted. She died 3 years later when the cancer came back even though she had been given the all clear iirc.

Symptoms - tender, almost painful at times. Giving off heat. Slight puckering. Feeling like there is a lump but it can't be found. Is bigger than the other but has been for years (other stuff has been more recent).

KellyMarieTunstall Tue 25-Sep-12 20:23:06

Please just make an appointment with your gp tomorrow.
The symptoms you list sound worrying but could equally be nothing other than an inflamed milk duct (or something)-only a proper examination will put your mind at ease.

JustFabulous Tue 25-Sep-12 20:26:32

I tried this morning but couldn't get an appointment until almost the end of October.

I came off the phone feeling upset, stressed and fed up.

Eventually the receptionist said she would ask the gp if he would release an appoinment for me and I rang back this afternoon to be given one bang in the middle of the school run. Thankfully DH will leave work and get the kids so I can go.

It feels like there is something there but when I touch it I am not sure and DH says it feels normal and no lump.

IamtheZombie Tue 25-Sep-12 20:29:43

My grandmother also had breast cancer which is why I went to the GP quite promptly 20 years ago when my only "symptom" was that my left breast felt pre-mentrual and tender all the time. Because of the family history he referred me to the hospital. As it was picked up so early, treatment was quite simple and straight forward.

Your symptoms are a bit mixed. The giving off heat sounds more like an infection or inflammation.

Please make an appointment to see your GP as soon as you can.

sittinginthesun Tue 25-Sep-12 20:31:05

How long has it been like this? I had something similar last year, and it turned out to be an infection. Antibiotics cleared it.

Hope all ok.

JustFabulous Tue 25-Sep-12 20:36:21

On and off for quite a while but not linked to my cycle. Scared but annoyed at myself as it is probably nothing.

IamtheZombie Tue 25-Sep-12 20:41:50

Fab, hopefully the GP will be able to reassure you. They may still need to refer you for a mammogram or sonargram just to take a look so please don't be too concerned if that happens. The important thing is that you're in the system now.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

JustFabulous Tue 25-Sep-12 20:44:46

I had a mammogram last year. I went alone and it was awful. I had to have everything done twice. My appointment to get the results was cancelled. Then I had another sent but a phone call just before from a receptionist to say I was fine. I never went back. Now I am scared I should have done and it wasn't fine confused.

IamtheZombie Tue 25-Sep-12 20:52:57

Mammograms aren't much fun, I'll agree with that.

Please, please try to relax. It's highly unlikely that your appointment would have been cancelled if the results weren't fine.

Is your GP appointment for tomorrow?

JustFabulous Tue 25-Sep-12 21:00:59

No, Friday. I am worried but then it has been trouble since I was pregnant so it is more likely to be nothing, isn't it.

IamtheZombie Tue 25-Sep-12 21:10:51

I can't remember how old your youngest is, but, yes if this has been ongoing for quite some time and you / your DH still can't feel an actual hard lump it probably is more likely to be nothing. But don't use that as an excuse to cancel your appointment!

Just keep chatting with us and we'll get you there. If you fancy just a bit of inane chatter to take your mind off things, pop over to the Dustbin™.

JustFabulous Wed 26-Sep-12 07:29:57

I was 3 months pregnant with my now 9 year old when I first found a lump. On a scan it was gone. Last year another lump was found but the mammogram was okay. It must be just me and how the breast is. Being naughty I think but with having it in the family and having young children (7-11) I feel I have a responsibility to make sure I don't have anything that is going to make me ill.

Thank you for all being there smile.

smee Wed 26-Sep-12 10:31:18

JustFabulous, sorry you're having all this stress. Just wanted to warn you that if the GP has any concerns at all, they'll refer you to a Breast Clinic. If you're referred they have to see you within 2 weeks. The speed of it all scares a lot of women, but it's routine and 9 out of 10 referrals to breast clinics turn out to be benign, so even if you are referred it doesn't mean it's cancer.

Also, if you had a mammogram just last year, I'd say it's hugely unlikely to be anything sinister and even if it is, well you'll have caught it very early. Breast cancer's very treatable these days so long as you get it quickly. I know, have had it.

Will be thinking of you on Friday. Come back and tell us how you get on.

JustFabulous Wed 26-Sep-12 12:38:48

smee thank you for your reply. I am sorry you have been through BC.

I am feeling unsettled today but also calm as the doctor I am seeing is lovely. Is it possible he will say it all sounds fine and as there is no lump he doesn't need to refer me? I have just had a feel and it is tender.

In the post is an appointment to the gynea clinic so I think it is my time at the moment to have niggles.

smee Wed 26-Sep-12 13:03:00

It could just be sore from over prodding! grin

If there's even the smallest doubt in GP's mind they should refer you. It's routine though, and honestly so many women go through the stress of it all and emerge from the breast clinic beaming. Hope the GP just says it's nothing though.

JustFabulous Wed 26-Sep-12 13:30:49

grin though I haven't prodded more than 3 times in total and used the flat of my fingers rather than the end.

It just feels like I am aware of something being there but can't locate it iyswim.

NedSchneebly Wed 26-Sep-12 18:26:44

Definitely the right thing to do, justfabulous get it checked out, and then you will know. The GP might well want to refer you to the breast clinic to be sure, and the appointment will come quickly - don't be alarmed by this, it's just the NHS moves quickly on these things.

I would echo what smee has said - it is very treatable these days. I've had it too. Some of us ladies hang out on the tamoxifen thread in general health, if you wanted to pop over and we can hold your hand while you wait. We've all been through cancer of some sort, and can answer any questions, whatever happens on Friday.

Thinking of you, lovey x x x

JustFabulous Wed 26-Sep-12 19:16:20

Thank you. Friday can't come soon enough but I know it is going to be a wait to know for sure if I am okay.

smee Thu 27-Sep-12 10:00:13

You'll feel better once tomorrow's over. Who knows, you might not get referred at all. Might be better to expect it though, that way you won't be as freaked if you are. Remember odds are hugely on your side though xx

JustFabulous Thu 27-Sep-12 12:05:51

I have had a really difficult morning so haven't thought about tomorrow. I wish the appointment was in the morning though as it feels like it is 2 days to wait now. Also worrying about a friend I haven't heard from for a while who hasn't been well.

smee Fri 28-Sep-12 09:27:02

Will be thinking of you all afternoon. Hope GP's reassuring xx

JustFabulous Fri 28-Sep-12 17:14:42

I'm back.

GP couldn't find a lump grin but feels I need checking out as it is always the same breast confusedsad.

I don't think it is linked to my cycle, and symptoms have increased, but I am going to keep a record just in case.

Thanks for your support.

not so happy with the nurse who asked how long since I had my bra fitted as there was a red mark. Fitted at Bravissiomo a few months ago actually.

smee Fri 28-Sep-12 18:09:06

Yay for no lump, that's good. Referral's just standard I reckon. Do you feel a bit more reassured?

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