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Would you go to doctors??

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flippyfloppy Tue 25-Sep-12 15:12:59

Mmm I seem to have lost all perspective on when I should make a trip to the doctors, I'm rarely ill and I'm normally ferrying the children there! Anyhow I have felt really lethargic and achy since Sunday afternoon, I've been up with temp most of night, and I'm taking paracetomal to control it. I'm off work today can barely get out of bed, shivers/sweats/throat hurts when I
swallow ( not sure if it is throat or ear, reminda me of tonsilitis when i was younger, )head banging. Temp up to 38.5 when paracetomal wears off. I was planning to see how I was in the morning and if no better head to docs wwyd? Tia!

DeepPurple Tue 25-Sep-12 15:27:27

Personally I would see how I went on. Lots of fluids, paracetamol and rest. It sounds like you have flu. If you start struggling to breath or swallow then see a doctor.

flippyfloppy Wed 26-Sep-12 21:32:20

Thank you for the reply, I ended up at docs this morning, the paracetomal was starting to be ineffective and my temp was still high. Anyhow , doc says I have an infection somewhere?!?! due to temp of 39 and racing pulse. But couldn't pick up where so has given me a broad spectrum antibiotic . I've had three doses today and I am starting to pick up! God I was floored, not use to being poorly , mammy's don't have time for this!

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