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Recommendations for consultant gynae in London for repair job 18 weeks post birth

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Firstgold Tue 25-Sep-12 10:58:42

Help! My poor sis had a horrible forceps delivery. Although only 2nd degree tear, it is v deep indeed and has been infected twice. Intravenous antibiotics required in hospital etc.

She saw a consultant at Queen Charlotte's who couldn't decide whether or not she needed restitching at 10 weeks. Now 18 weeks and another infection, her GP who she trusts and rates thinks she urgently needs to see a consultant Gynae to be sorted out (restitched etc). She is feeling rotten with this infection again and feels like her inards are 'hanging out'.

Anyone got any top tips for consultant gynaes in London for this kind of thing? She has AXA private health insurance. Thanks in advance

Firstgold Tue 25-Sep-12 12:22:23

Bump...please anyone?

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