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Having my gall bladder out tommorow. Any tips?

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GolfOscarLimaDelta Tue 25-Sep-12 08:45:57

Having my gallbladder out tomorrow. It's just day surgery but I was wondering if you had any tips for recovery or for surgery itself?

I forgot to ask about taking pyjamas incase I'm kept in overnight. Should I take them?

They have said to eat light food when I feel like it for a few days so any ideas? What did you find worked for you? I need easy stuff I can do myself as I'll be alone.

I'm actually glad. It's taken so long to get here - can't wait to get rid of the pesky thing.

Ps. My phone corrected gallbladder to hell ladder for some reason. There's an actual ladder to hell? grin

GolfOscarLimaDelta Tue 25-Sep-12 09:58:14

Bump smile

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Tue 25-Sep-12 09:59:58

no tips, but good luck. as with all operations, i recommend having lactulose on standby and savlon antiseptic spray for wound site.

pinguwings Tue 25-Sep-12 10:07:29

When you say you;ll be alone, have you got someone staying with you the night after your surgery? Otherwise you won't be going home.

GolfOscarLimaDelta Tue 25-Sep-12 10:19:16

Lactulose? I'lve no idea what that is but I'm off to the chemist later so will ask.

Pinguwings - someone is staying with me until about midnight then my friend will pop in at 7 am. My neighbour upstairs is a carer and will be on standby plus my friend is five minutes away if I need anything.

I'm sure it will be ok. There isn't really another option as there's nowhere to sleep at my mums or siblings. Really couldn't do the couch at either after surgery.

I've had day surgery before and felt ok from the actual anaesthetic.

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Tue 25-Sep-12 10:22:32

oh it's just a poo-helper... essential, though, especially if you are given any codeine as pain relief.

CarpeJugulum Tue 25-Sep-12 10:27:19

I assume they are doing it as a keyhole job?

The only issue that I had was that, as they bung in some gas to inflate things so they can see where they are going, I had a reasonable amount of shoulder pain after the op. It passed after about a fortnight and is apparently very common. It was also slightly tender to sleep on that side for a bit.

I was back to eating normally, and ravenously within 24 hours. It would have been 12, but I was last on the list.

I would take in PJ's etc though, if you do have a reaction to anything, then you're sorted out rather than having to get stuff brought in.

GolfOscarLimaDelta Tue 25-Sep-12 10:28:28

Oh ok! I'll look I to it.

Been taking codeine for a while and it doesn't usually affect me that way luckily!

The nurse warned me of lots of bloating from the gas used so I'm looking forward to that hmm

But the pyjama issue? I can't remember if I took any last time. It was for knee surgery so less chance I'd stay in I guess. Think I'll pop a wash bag in for after anyway. Some pjs wont make much difference.

GolfOscarLimaDelta Tue 25-Sep-12 10:30:12

Cross posts!

Thanks! Been warned about the gas hurting.

Will shop for easy stuff for the ravenous stage then smile

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Tue 25-Sep-12 10:30:14

re the bloating... peppermint oil. take it with you and drink it in hot water. you can thank me later.

GolfOscarLimaDelta Tue 25-Sep-12 10:31:20

smile ok!

GolfOscarLimaDelta Tue 25-Sep-12 14:43:03

Ok I think I'm all set.

Got everything as mentioned above. Packed my bag with wash bag and Pjs. Packed the fridge and freezer with easy stuff to c

GolfOscarLimaDelta Tue 25-Sep-12 14:46:25

Stupid phone!

Easy stuff to cook and eat. Packed the kids seperate bag. DS is going to his nannies and dd is off to a friends.

Washed and dried my bedding. Just going to make that so its ready. Staying on the couch at my mums tonight so SIL can collect me early. It's about 45 minutes away and we need to be there for 7.

Think I'm all set.

Now I'm nervous so goodness knows how I'll feel in the morning!

CarpeJugulum Tue 25-Sep-12 21:38:59

Ach, it'll be fine. grin

And I speak as a woman who had hers rupture - and still managed keyhole. shock smile

gymboywalton Tue 25-Sep-12 21:41:25

i was kept in after mine because i couldn't wake easily fom the g.a and when i did i kept being sick!

afterwards the shoulder pain was very painful and i was doubled up for a few days.

i would say you need someone with you really if at all possible.

cocolepew Tue 25-Sep-12 21:44:32

Windeaze (sp) will help with your wind, as well as trying to move a little.

Good luck smile

GolfOscarLimaDelta Thu 27-Sep-12 07:18:40

I'm doing ok.

The actual incisions are ok. One is leaking a bit but they aren't very painful. Tummy just feels tender and bruised.

It's the shoulder pain which is worse. Being upright and shifting about seems to help.

Almost got kept in because my blood pressure was low. Had plenty of drugs for the sickness but still kept getting the hot dizzy flushes.

Just resting up now. Kids not home for a few more days so plenty of peace.

gymboywalton Thu 27-Sep-12 08:29:23

oh you poor thing-i really remember this

yout tummy IS bruised-you will be black and blue under the dressings

the shoulder pain is awful isn't it?

i hope you are feeling better very soon

GolfOscarLimaDelta Thu 27-Sep-12 08:45:09

I can see the bruising coming out this morning.

Bit concerned about the top incision now. I bled through the original dressing at the hospital. But the dressing was attached to the strip stitches so the nurse didn't want to remove it. She put a second dressing over it but I bled through that once I was up and about so second nurse did the same.

At home I bled through the third one and so put on another one as instructed. But I think I'm starting to leak through this one too. If its that wet, will the stitches even be stuck down still?

Very uncomfortable in my shoulder today. Not due painkillers for 2 hours but it's pretty bad.

But I went from 10pm until 6 am with nothing do maybe just need to build them up again.

cocolepew Thu 27-Sep-12 08:49:35

I had a hysterectomy a few weeks ago and one thing I noticed is it's best to take your painkillers regularly, even if you don't think you need them at the time. It's best to stay on top of the pain.

If you are wortied about your incision phone the dr and ask for the district nurse to come out.

Hope you have a peaceful day smile

gymboywalton Thu 27-Sep-12 09:00:56

yes to keeping on top of the pain-take the painkillers regular as clockwork whether you think you need them or not

i would phone the ward and ask about the dressings-did they give you a number to call?

GlesgaRocket Thu 27-Sep-12 09:03:14

I had my gallbladder removed 3 weeks ago, via keyhole. I was kept in overnight - had little bit of shoulder pain, and tenderness around the wounds, but know that's normal.
I gained 8lbs overnight as a result of the air pumped into me! It did take a couple of weeks for my belly to stop being so hard and bloated.

I didn't bleed through my dressings - there was a bit of staining on the one at the bellybutton, and i was told to contact the ward or my GP if it bled anymore - which it didn't. So, bleeding through 4 dressings doesn't sound normal to me - i would probably ring for advice on that.
I was on ibuprofen, tramadol and codeine, and did find that these helped with any pain i had.

I recovered really well - am single parent to 18 month old who climbed all over me, so had no choice but to get on with it! 3 weeks on, am totally pain free, and my wounds have healed well and only have small scars. I'd read that there may be difficulties with what you can eat afterwards etc, but i can eat anything and everything and have not been affected.

Hope you recover well.

GolfOscarLimaDelta Thu 27-Sep-12 09:10:21

Going to call the ward in a bit and ask about the dressings.

I reacted badly to tramadol so will be avoiding that. On codeine and I think I might take ibruprofene in between for the swelling.

Kepping on top of the drugs is definitely the plan now!

Quite enjoying the peace but wish someone was here to make a cuppa for me!

When I got home dd had left me flowers and chocs bless her!

CarpeJugulum Thu 27-Sep-12 09:22:45

Yup. I'd speak to the GP surgery and either pop in (if you can) or get a nurse out to have a look.

I did this about a week after my op to get the steri-strip things taken off <wimp emoticon> and checked over. I'd been swapping the dressings myself, but just lacked confidence to whip the strips off. She did, and then replaced them.

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