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niggling stomach pain

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3duracellbunnies Sun 23-Sep-12 00:06:00

For the past 10 days or so I have had a niggling pain in my stomach. It is in the lower right hand side just above the hip. I had pelvic pain in my hips during pregnancy but this is completely different. It feels as if it is in the stomach not the bones. It is worse when I walk or if I twist, but not really there at all when I sit. It isn't painful enough for painkillers, it is just there. I really don't think I am pregnant (had pill break bleed about 2 weeks ago). I have no other gastrointestinal symptoms, and it doesn't hurt if I prod it. No unusual diet. No visible signs on the outside. I will try to get to the dr on tues or wed if it isn't better, but wondered if anyone has any miracle cure suggestions? I am off to bed now and quite busy tomorrow but will try to look in during the day/evening. Thanks.

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