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Blood pressure advice please

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fluffycauliflower Sat 22-Sep-12 19:42:39

Hi, I'm 40, very fit and healthy, I do lots of sport and eat fruit and vegetables and am not over weight. I have suddenly found that I have high blood pressure. I'm going to see my GP on Monday about it, but could do with some advice. Right now my blood pressure is 175/90. Am I supposed to go about my usual business or should I go and lie down? I have no other symptoms. Having looked on google I'm imagining that I might have some kidney problems or something. My blood pressure was even higher on Thursday and I was given a CT scan to see if I had had a stroke but it was normal. Any advice greatfully received. I'm planning to go running in the morning - should I still do this?

Elibean Sat 22-Sep-12 23:07:56

It could be blood pressure started to get higher in my 40s, and at 51 I started a low dose of meds to bring it back to 120/70. I am slim, don't smoke, do'nt drink, don't eat much salt, etc etc. But my father and uncle both take anti-hypertensives and have for decades....

I wouldn't worry about normal every day stuff, until you see your GP, by any means - 90 is not dangerously high in the short term, and the top figure will be affected by stress/anxiety (eg taking your blood pressure!) - but I would go easy on the running. A gentle jog maybe, a flat out run no.

Its not long till Monday. Why not take it easy for 24 hours and get some professional advice?

Good luck, and do'nt worry if you do need meds - they don't affect me at all, or cause any side effects, and are very effective smile

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