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Was my Anaemia not picked up when I donated blood, do you think?

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jodee Sat 22-Sep-12 14:20:09

Hi, I've been anaemic before and it was spotted with the checks when I went to give blood, and so I was rejected on that occasion (I'm a regular donor).

However, I gave blood again earlier this month - I had been feeling a little tired, and had pre-booked round about the same time an appt with my GP (I thought it was to do with my under-active thyroid).

I did think at the time I went to donate and did the finger-prick test that it seemed a bit quick, but dismissed it. So I was cleared to donate.

13 days later I had the GPs appt and she sent me for a blood test for 'fatigue'. She phoned me the next day to say I was Anaemic - my levels were 101, and should be 120.

I understand the Blood Service test higher, i.e. at 125 to be sure. My question is: was I anaemic before I went to give blood, did they not pick it up, and how quickly does it take for levels to fall from 120 to 101 (or even from 125)?

I am waiting the results of a second blood test that I did the next day to see if its iron, B12 or folate deficiency.

meditrina Sat 22-Sep-12 14:26:16

You won't have been anaemic when you gave blood. They are really diligent about the checks, and now use a timer to check that the blood drop falls all the way down the column within the specified time. If you are borderline, they can test Hb levels on the spot. This has happened to me once, and I was smack on 125 and allowed to donate. They can and do turn people away if they do not meet this level, and they do test everyone competently.

jodee Sat 22-Sep-12 15:28:46

Thank you Meditrina - I'm just curious as to whether my donating blood caused the anaemia - were you anaemic at all afterwards on the occasion when you were 125?

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