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Late period now bleeding a week after it stopped, in panic please help WTF

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Lavenderhoney Sat 22-Sep-12 04:20:35

Oh god, started blleding last night but didnt realise, realised this morning. My period was very late and normally it's a regular 28 day and was over 8 days lat. I thought I coud be png and tested but always negative. . It lasted about a week and was lighter than normal. Now a week after my period finished I have bleeding and it's quite heavy and bright bright red. I decided to lose weight after the period and have been shredding. Do you think I was pgnt and losing the baby? This will devastate me if so. How do I find out? What will the doctor d?

my back hurts really but I have been staying at my mil with kids for a holiday over the summer and my bed there is horrible, thought I had sciatic nerve issues in the end and one night got out if bed and my legs gave way under me and took about 5 mins to work. Am i Being incredibly stupid and this is related???

If anyone can help would be very grateful

EugenesAxe Sat 22-Sep-12 04:45:20

I'm sorry you are upset, firstly.

If you had negative tests I would say it's unlikely you were pregnant with a viable embryo (sorry to be clinical about it). It's possible that it nearly happened and that's what's given you the weird period (my biology teacher once told me it's not unusual for women to get pregnant about 7 or 8 times, with many being unviable and coming through as 'late' periods).

Strong exercise is unlikely to have done anything - I ran 10k on return from honeymoon when I wasn't very fit and unknowingly (beyond an inkling, anyway) about 2 weeks pregnant.

EugenesAxe Sat 22-Sep-12 04:52:06

BTW I don't think you could find out and I wouldn't think the doctor could do much physically. Go and see your GP though if you want some counselling, or if after a while of TTC you think you may have long term fertility problems.

I expect you'll be fine though - try not to worry.

Lavenderhoney Sat 22-Sep-12 05:37:02

Going to see the gyny today, just made an appointment. Thx, the irony is I have not been exercising hard as ttc but gave up and went for it with exercising. My mum had ovarian cysts and I am worried its that too.

I was convinced I was pgnt and it was awful doing the test and they being negative, my dh wondered is I was starting early menopause

Lavenderhoney Sun 23-Sep-12 05:42:54

Blood test and scan which they wouldn't let me see or talk to me about, just doc would call in 2-3 days. Bleeding v badly now with tiny clots not sure what to do, suppose I just wait for the call?

nomadwantshome Mon 24-Sep-12 19:18:36

Poor you, is there any update?

Lavenderhoney Tue 25-Sep-12 05:40:49

Yes, gyny called me and told me to get some pills at the shop to stop the bleeding and an appointment this week for a full examination. Bleeding stopping which is great, dreading appointment as never had this before.

Lavenderhoney Thu 27-Sep-12 12:12:46

It's an ovarian cyst, so it's being treated now. At least I know! Thx for the helpful posts.

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