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SUMMERFRUIT Fri 21-Sep-12 14:31:23

Any feedback ? I want to buy one but would like to hear from you !!

brendaf Sat 22-Sep-12 11:30:56

Go got it gal! It worked wonders for me and DH was amazed at the side effects!!!!:-) I have recommended it to dozens of friends and haven't heard a negative comment.

greeneyed Sun 23-Sep-12 20:55:05

If it is a tens one, not if you have a nickle allergy - it is in the stainless steel plates, though no where does it tell you this found out to my cost ahem

nankypeevy Sun 23-Sep-12 22:34:27

I'm a women's health physio, happy to see your thread!

Good for you for doing something about your continence, ladies. 1in 3 women age 35-55 pee themselves when laughing/coughing/in the mosh pit - it's a blight.

Pelvic toners are good for women who can't initiate a pelvic floor contraction, or who aren't sure if they can.

They work on an electrode that you put in your special place. Either a vaginal one on it's own, or with an anal one - using two electrodes will provide you with a stronger and more efficient "work out", depends on which machine you use and how much of your prosecco fund you want to spend.

They can be brilliant. Really, really effective...but:

-if you have a prolapse they can be less than useless.
-using a machine is an aid to doing yerblardyexercises, it won't replace the need for you to just do the work.
-it is possible to do more harm than good - I've seen women use them so often they exhaust the muscles.

So, by all means, use them. You can get good buys on ebay (from small companies selling them new, wouldn't recommend a used unit. Though, I bet there's a very specialist website catering for that sort of thing along with worn tights and stuff. Blurgh), or the neen one is available from broby with both electrodes for £97.95 which is the best price I've seen for a long time.

But, in all honesty, you'd be best to get assessed before spending your money. 40% of women with stress incontinence have a prolapse, and most don't even know.

Have a look at the questionnaire on - it's really clear.

See your GP, ask for a referral for a women's health physio. Most SI cases can be improved or cured with a decent pelvic floor - and, as brendaf says, there are associated benefits.

the exercises are:

imagine you are trying not to pee - hold that contraction for a count of 10 seconds. When you let go, you should feel a "drop" No drop, and you've lost the squeeze.

Do 10 quick flicks in a row

Imagine you have a tiny wee lift in your fanjo. Lift it to the first, second and third floor - then back down to the second and first.

Do those three times a day.

For the rest of your life.

I'm trialling using twitter as a pelvic trainer - if I tweet, you twitch yer twinkle. Feel free to follow, @gussiegrips - it's just a reminder to prompt you to do the exercises.

I'm on a mission after a thread I was on made talk of the week (I know, I know, we are all very proud) I'm keen for MN to run a campaign about pelvic floors and continence - it affects so many of us, destroys self confidence and sex lives, and no one talks about it. And, it gets worse if you don't get it sorted - living with a prolapse is Not Nice.

I'd love to break the taboo and get us all working together to remind each other to dotheblardyexercises.

If anyone has any specific issues and wants to chat or find information - feel free to pm me.

So, by all means get a ems machine - but,
-get yourself assessed to make sure that it'll help
-try doingyerblardyexercises three times a day for a month
-make sure you don't have a prolapse before buying one

Anyhoo, have a shiney for being proactive, you clever girls you.

nankypeevy Sun 23-Sep-12 22:35:52

Wide eyed at greeneyed

Was it dreadfully itchy?

nankypeevy Tue 25-Sep-12 11:42:08

MN have tweeted a link to my website! Squee!

Have a look, if you are not sure where it is, then PM me and I'll send you it. Just as a tool to remind you to doyerblardyexercises - I don't have an online shop!

greeneyed Wed 26-Sep-12 14:04:34

Yes smile

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