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Tooth extraction and pain relief

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picklechops Thu 20-Sep-12 14:31:42


So, my super special "trick tooth" that has cost me thousands over the years with fillings, a root canal etc has finally bit the dust. I've got a chronic infection in it and there's not much chance of saving it.

Dentist has said I can

1- go to him and he'll pull it under a local

2- see his local colleague who put me in a "light sleep" and pull it

3- go see the oral surgeon who can give me a general at the hospital.

I'm confused as that's three very different levels of pain relief. Which should I choose?

If it makes any difference, I am really really scared of doctors/hospitals after a very traumatic birth with DS 16 months ago so leaning towards 2. I guess I'm just surprised that they would happily give me a general for extracting one tooth (bitterly remembering labor and assisted delivery).

Thoughts? Any first hand experience out there?


LongTimeLurking Thu 20-Sep-12 15:28:37

I would go for option 2.

I needed an extraction on a tooth where the very large filling had failed and after some bad previous experiences (injections that failed to numb) I went for the sedation / light sleep route. Apparently I need 2 lots of sedation & was still in pain & thrashing around during the extraction itself, but fortunately I can't remember anything about it. All I can remember is staggering from the car to my bed and sleeping almost 12hrs solid afterwards. When I need work doing in the future I will be using this option again, despite the cost.

Obviously you can't drive or operate machinery afterwards, and my dentist insists that someone collects you from the appointment and drops you home. They wont let you walk or get a taxi for obvious reasons really.

General anesthesia is overkill unless the dentist has said to you that it is going to be a really difficult extraction?

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Thu 20-Sep-12 15:31:46

Is it upper jaw or lower? i was told upper ones come out easier.

I had 2 impacted wisdom pulled out at dentist using local, although i wouldn't want the process repeated i felt no pain, only the pulling sensation.

Trouble with a general is that you will probably feel a bit groggy for the rest of the day. I have no experience on the light sleep method.

crashdollGOLD Thu 20-Sep-12 17:22:29

The oral surgeon who is removing my wisdom teeth in a few weeks said that he does not recommend sedation for anxious patients. This is because the loss of control often makes them more anxious. I've opted for a general anaesthetic as it's very short, it will be light anyway. Plus, you tend to 'wake up' better from general than sedation

focuson Thu 20-Sep-12 19:23:49

Speaking from experience - 4 days after sodding tooth extraction and very scared of dentist this Monday after weekend of hellish pain kept trying to think it would go away which it did not went to dentist and after local could not feel a thing - closed eyes was shaking but all I could feel was pulling. And although traumatic I was so relieved could have kissed the dentist. In 20s got wisdom teeth out by general was fab and if an option go for it !,

picklechops Sat 22-Sep-12 12:08:32

Sorry I abandoned my thread...Real life got in the way!

Thanks for all your wisdom, still undecided as to what to do but glad I'm not alone. Tooth is upper right, at the back. I don't think I could handle just a local although I would very much prefer it done by my lovely dentist who I both know and like. I am worried about the anxiety issues of sedation but not sure I want to go full blown general. Humpf!

I might call and speak to him this week and see exactly how difficult an extraction he thinks its likely to be.

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