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Really worried - picolax and colonoscopy.. any advice?

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chipsandbeans Tue 18-Sep-12 16:30:47

Hi, I have 3 times cancelled my app for a colonoscopy and mainly because I am petrified about the picolax before hand. Ihave little/no help with my dcs and so staying in the house near the loo is just about impossible, is there any way to make it not quite so bad does anyone know. I have read some old threads and it seems that its not a pleasant experience. I wonder if I should just cancel the colonoscopy full stop and not bother?? I'm feeling really anxious about this so any advice would be appreciated

BobbiFleckman Tue 18-Sep-12 16:35:07

absolutely do NOT cancel the procedure - you know that way lies madness. Put the DCs to bed as early as you can get away with and then relax on the loo with the picolax and a good (long) novel. I've read the same stories as you - I had to give it to my 3 year old when she was withholding poo, it was our last ditch attempt. A sub-2 stone 3 year old who took one third of the adult dose didn't poo for 2 days afterwards. I think its potency / effect is inevitably more substantial in some people than in others.

LadySybildeChocolate Tue 18-Sep-12 16:35:53

I took mine the night before, ds was in bed so didn't need the loo. They wouldn't do it unless it was necessary. I promise you that it's not as bad as you think it's going to be. It's a good idea to mix the picolax with some squash, it makes it taste better. Rub a little vaseline on your bum also, it can get a little sore if you wipe it a lot. Ask them to sedate you when you have the colonoscopy, it'll be over before you can say 'shittery.'

elfycat Tue 18-Sep-12 16:45:10

Take a very large jug of water with you. You'll lose a lot of fluid and will want to keep taking regular small drinks.

You may feel a bit hot, or that shivery cold you get when you have a temperature. Doesn't get everyone like that but put on a cardigan to keep you snug, but not overwarm and maybe some paracetamol if you are one of those people.

Good book, phone with a good game on it. The night is going to be like one of those with an upset tummy, not the best fun at the time but afterwards not something you worry about. Maybe have somewhere to curl up right by the bathroom, or in the bath with towels to make a nest. Sitting on the toilet for extended periods can get a bit uncomfortable.

I take it you have childcare/school for the DCs for the proceedure. Can you get someone to collect them from your house and take them so you can concentrate on yourself?

chipsandbeans Wed 26-Sep-12 00:14:49

just an update to say thank you for the supportive messages. Really upset to say that I had the worst 2 days of my life on picolax, I wasn't able to eat for what ended up being nearly 48 hours, my dp was supposed to take time off work but didn't and ended up really cross with me about the whole thing. Then to top it off I went for my appointment today and it was cancelled. Just like that no prior warning and not much explanation other than it being out of their control. By the time they told me DP had driven off so I had to walk 3 miles to train station and then get train and walk back home. Feeling proper sorry for myself, don't think I can possibly find the energy to go through it again. If I had any help with kids and a reasonable man I'm sure things wouldn't be so hard.

LadySybildeChocolate Wed 26-Sep-12 00:17:48

sad I'm so sorry. You need to make a complaint to the hospital. They wouldn't do this procedure if they thought that it wasn't necessary though. Sending you a hug. Can you get your mum/good friend to help next time?

tabbycat15 Wed 26-Sep-12 06:31:26

I'm so so sorry to hear that you had a bad time. I've never had to go through taking the Picolax but it must be a horrible experience. Could you complain to the hospital?

echt Wed 26-Sep-12 06:54:00

How vile for you, OP. I've done the horrible drink prep for a colonsocopy, so feel for you.

To be turned away is not on. Complain and insist on tabs for clearing your system; easier to take. (I'm in Australia, so maybe they're different. When I said I'd taken the whole course they were mildly surprised, as many don't).

Vaseline and youtube Billy Connolly's take on this whole thing for comfort.

Seriously though, I had the procedure on no more than my GP thinking any 50+ person should have it. I did, and they found polyps and cauterised them. No family history, no presenting symptoms.

I DO have private health insurance though, which seems like presenting symptom in itself in Oz hmm

Good luck with it all, chips.

Japple Wed 26-Sep-12 07:09:56

Hubby and I have each had 2 of those procedures.We know the drill.Chill the
Tar out of the drink,be sure Doc gives you a flavoring like cherry or orange.
Get out the Alarm clock,Time each it's steady,with a little bit if time
To relax between the body rinseing.Drink every drop,as you want the Truth of
Your condition.Since the body tends to void in several big swoops,you will feel
lighter and more cleaned out as time goes by.Never allow that nurse or the,Doc
to keep you awake for this thing.The gas they pump into you is Huge,heavy
and can make you cry out when it expands.I insist on getting knocked out; so
when I wake up I feel pretty darn good.No memories of That procedure do I
need.We'll go back in about 4 years,got to stay on top of that gut area before
it brings us down and pulls any tricks.Survival Tip: Stay the hell and gone from
any kind of "seeds".The guy before me on that gurney died because he had
eaten a bag of peanuts at a swap meet.Tomato,cucumber,etc...clean those
seeds out. Jill.

Emily2525 Wed 11-Jan-17 05:39:50

Just wanted to say to anyone out there looking for advise on picolax.
It works great and it's not as bad as people say. However, I regret taking the 3rd sachet as I was already running clear but wanted to follow my doctors instructions. Worst mistake I ever made! If you're in the clear, don't take anymore I've been awake all night with intense cramping and nausea. But 2 sachets was perfectly fine and I reckon it cleared me and will remember this for future reference.

MollyHuaCha Wed 11-Jan-17 18:07:59

Emily, hope you soon feel better after yr colonoscopy. Relax and put yr feet up smile

BusterGonad Wed 11-Jan-17 18:40:09

Japple your post is really hard to read and understand! Why did some fuckwit eat a bag of peanuts at a swap meet? What the f is a swap meet?

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