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Strange Aching

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Pancake Tue 23-Dec-03 09:46:15


This has been bugging me for some time and I know I should go to doctors but I feel a bit silly so I thought I'd go anonymous and see if anyone can advise/has had similar thing.

I have two ds (4.5 and 14 months) and since their births I have strange aches. I had a 3rd degree tear with ds1 and with ds2 I had an episitomy but they cut down same line as the tear (how cross was I when I found out). Anyway, if I have to stand for a long time (say 3 hours) or if I go for a walk (for an hour say) my "bits" ache like crazy and it's like the worst period pain.

It's really getting me down and I worry that something may not be right - or is this natural after having had lots of stitches?

Any thoughts gratefully received and sorry it's not a jolly Christmas topic!

JUSTWONDERING Tue 23-Dec-03 10:10:12

I thought that I would just join on this thread as I'm too embarassed to give my real chat name so here goes, dd got a trampoline recently and it's great fun only every time I bounce on it I feel as though my insides are going to fall out.

Must admit that it sounds similar to pancakes problem so any advice would be appreciated.

Pancake Tue 23-Dec-03 10:57:10

Guess it's off to the docs for me then!

Oh well ... it was worth a try!

GladTidings Tue 23-Dec-03 11:08:07

Sorry pancake. I remember I had an odd throbbing type pain down there for the few months after ds was born. It didn't seem to be around where the scar was though and it just disappeared on its own. I hope the Doc can clarify things for you.

SnowmAngeliz Tue 23-Dec-03 11:10:10

Pancake, sorry i've no advice but if it's worrying you i'd get it checked out anyway! : If nothing seems to be wrong at least you'll have peace of mind++
Hope you both get better posts than mine

Pancake Tue 23-Dec-03 11:41:59

Thanks All ... will make appointment for Jan (every the procrastinator)!

SnowmAngeliz ... which thread?

TysMum Tue 23-Dec-03 16:14:48

I read something about a build up of scar tissue due to stitching that can cause pain that doesn't go away as normal. I think in those cases they could do a small operation to remove the offending scar tissue and when the site is restitched it heals better. Just guessing but maybe with your two sets of stitches in the same site this could be the problem? Not sure if this helps or not?!

mears Tue 23-Dec-03 23:20:29

It is not uncommon to have aching/stabbing pains where you have had stitches in the past. You might notice it more when your period is due. It is probably nothing to worry about but see your GP for reassurance. I still have intermittent stabbing pans and my youngest is 10 years old. I know there is nothing wrong and put it down to being 'one of those things'.

robinw Wed 24-Dec-03 05:33:33

message withdrawn

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