Pea sized lump behind my earlobe, any ideas ?

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LumpyEaredMum Mon 22-Dec-03 11:50:14

Over the past few weeks I've noticed a small, pea-sized hard lump behind my earlobe. It's at the top of my neck / on my head, not on the back of my actual lobe IYSWIM. It isn't particularly painful to touch but it is mildly tender if any pressure is applied.

It has no 'head' and is under the skin so I'm extremely doubtful that it's a spot or similar. DH reckons it is a cyst, but what he knows about medicine could be written on the back of a postage stamp !

Has anyone had anything similar to this and what was it ? Am obv paranoid that it is a tumour/other horrible glandular thing .

aka WSM

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twiglett Mon 22-Dec-03 11:52:06

message withdrawn

Helsbels Mon 22-Dec-03 11:56:40

could be a gland - there is one around there and they do get blocked occasionally - or it could be a cyst or it could be a rodent ulcer. All of which a generally harmless but all of which need to be 'sorted'. Make an appointment with your GP and get it seen so you can stop worrying about it. Hope you get seen soon,
Have a lovely christmas and try to forget about it until you see someone - it will be fine

TinselDragon Mon 22-Dec-03 11:57:25

Is it in the point of your neck between your jaw and neck? Does it move about if you push it?

Don't be alarmed by this but I had a BENIGN tumour there which is apparently fairly common. I first noticed it a pea sized and it grew over then ext couple of years before i thought "I'd better see my GP about this". It was a simple op to remove it.

Go and see your GP as it could be virtually anything really.

WiShuaMerryXmas Mon 22-Dec-03 12:03:26

Oh F*CK, that's exactly where it is Tinsel .

TinselDragon Mon 22-Dec-03 12:08:10

It could still be anything!! I must stress again that what I described is completely benign. It's something to do with the parotid gland. I've had no problems since I had mine taken out and mine was larger than yours by the time I got round to seeing my GP (maybe grape sized?).

leander Mon 22-Dec-03 12:08:51

I had this a few weeks ago,It started out as a small white lump then it got red and sore and I went to a walk in clinic and they confirmed it was a cyst which had gone sceptic,I had to go and have it cut and drained in a+e.I then got another on my other ear and went to my gp who prescribed antibiotics which cleared it up quickly.Hth leander


WiShuaMerryXmas Mon 22-Dec-03 12:10:53

The skin isn't at all discoloured.

Twinkie Mon 22-Dec-03 12:13:18

Message withdrawn

WiShuaMerryXmas Mon 22-Dec-03 12:19:36

Will make an appt with GP tomorrow. I've also got a raised mole behind my other ear (higher up) which I'd like him to take a look at too. God, I sound like a right old hyperchondriac !

MincePie Mon 22-Dec-03 12:20:19

Agree go to the docs and put your mind at rest...don't worry to much honey.

You haven't got new glasses or anything have you?

WiShuaMerryXmas Mon 22-Dec-03 12:21:39

No, I wear specs but I've had these since I was pregnant, 16 months ago.

TinselDragon Mon 22-Dec-03 12:23:18

You're almost as knobbly as a dragon!

WiShuaMerryXmas Mon 22-Dec-03 12:24:04

Helsbels Mon 22-Dec-03 12:25:26

Hey, chin up - don't get down - everything will be fine, promise {{{}}}

TinselDragon Mon 22-Dec-03 12:41:37

Ooops I have lots of knobbly moles too, on my back. There will be nothing to worry about, honest!

StarryStressyHead Mon 22-Dec-03 12:45:24

I'm sure it will be nothing serious and probably just a cyst. I got paranoid about a lump on my finger (again pea-sized) and one day it just disappeared having been there for at least 3 months.

Go to your GP and get your mind put at rest though

geegeesmum Mon 22-Dec-03 20:39:52

My DD now 8 months was born with a small lump behind the ear which I have questioned the GP about on numerous occasions and everytime the answer is "cycst" - so that is probably what yours is too. In fact I have a small lump on my forearm which the GP has told me is a "fatty lump" - uuurgh think I prefer cycst !

popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 20:46:48

my ds had this when REALLY young...cant remember exactly but it was some sort of gland.....

angelanais Mon 22-Dec-03 20:51:04

I've got one in exactly the same place. I had it once before and it was there for a couple of months and then disappeared. I have another one now and I've been putting savlon on it and it has shrunk right down.

Don't worry about it but do go and see the GP if it would put your mind at rest.

earlobe Tue 16-Nov-04 02:42:57

I had this and had to get surgery twice. They are called Sebaceous Cysts. Still bothers me quite a bit, but now I just pop them open like zits buried deep into my skin. They start as one little lump in your earlobe, over the years they multiply. Sometimes they get infected and swell up, i've been to the doctor several times to get it cut open and drained. When I got surgery they put a needle in it (mulitple spots) to numb it, and cut my ears open for hours. The big ones that muliplied looked like tiny little lumpy white corn cobs. I think there were like 17 in one ear and 14 in the other with both surgeries. I still have a couple but they don't bother me that much, can't afford anymore surgery either! It looks a 100x better than it did, if it bothers you and if you can afford it get surgery, otherwise it will get worse! Wish i hadn't ignored it for years.

tammy31 Thu 04-Jun-15 11:00:10

I have noticed that I've got a small lump behind my earlobe I keep on thinking to myself its probably nothing but I'm a bit worried cause the lump is still there and I don't know if I should go and see a doctor or not to have it checked out or not what do I do cause I'm really worried sad

Playboy86 Sun 06-Oct-19 19:09:46

Hi all ☺
So due to ear ache I only noticed earlier what looks like a spot but feels like a lump and call move it bout like a ball with my finger. It's under my ear lobe.. Any one have any info plz
Thanku new member

Playboy86 Sun 06-Oct-19 19:16:45

Can u message me if u still on here plz

Sharpe557 Sat 14-Dec-19 17:19:51

I have the exact same thing. Did you find out what was causing it?

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