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Need advice on skin ; scaly, flaky , red & very very dry .

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melsy Fri 19-Dec-03 11:56:46

My poor little dd of 13 weeks has this in patches on her face; thought it might be ezcma, but nurse said not to worry. Aqeous cream and petroleum 50/50 dont seem to be doing anything. Does anyone have any safe remedies??? I was told not to use E45 cream as contains lanolin.

bossykate Fri 19-Dec-03 11:58:25

you could try sudocrem. have you seen a gp? if it is not clearing up maybe you should see the doctor. good luck.

jinglesaur Fri 19-Dec-03 11:58:59

Have you tried Vaseline? Both of mine used to get dry sore patches on their faces when they were babies, and Vaseline did seem to help. I must admit I have never really thought about whether it was "safe" or not, but it certainly didn't seem to make it any worse or do them any harm.

melsy Fri 19-Dec-03 12:02:06

bossykate - is sudocream ok for the face?? wasnt sure.

twiglett Fri 19-Dec-03 12:02:57

message withdrawn

santafio2 Fri 19-Dec-03 12:03:31

yes it is. I had to get my ds prescribed hydrocortisone for his cheeks in the end, because nothing else would clear it up.

melsy Fri 19-Dec-03 12:04:49

The other problem making it worse is she has a thick mop of hair NO JOKE, so I have to wash it alot with 2 shampoos . I think this might be making it worse as that is a detergent.

melsy Fri 19-Dec-03 12:06:23

The other problem making it worse is she has a thick mop of hair NO JOKE, so I have to wash it alot with 2 shampoos . I think this might be making it worse as that is a detergent.

jinglesaur Fri 19-Dec-03 12:07:12

My DS1 had eczema as a baby and I was told to wash his hair and body with aqueous cream only. Don't overdo the aqueous cream on the hair though as it is really hard to rinse out!

melsy Fri 19-Dec-03 12:09:29

doesnt the aqeous cream in the hair make it greasy???Especially with lots of hair?

santafio2 Fri 19-Dec-03 12:11:12

i always found cradle cap shampoo the best

bossykate Fri 19-Dec-03 12:12:26

um, i have used sudocrem on ds's face before! yikes, i guess i will find out if i have been dicing with disaster!

Jinglebells Fri 19-Dec-03 12:13:39

The shampoo probably is making it worse, my dd started ro get really dry skin?exczema, went all the way round the houses with different creams/emollients etc, then just stopped using everything and just used plain water and a little bit of aqueous cream occasionally.Now 4yrs still has small patches occ and very rarely have to use a little bit of steroid. Do you really need to use the shampoo? There is a thread somewhere with info from Mears re baby products in patic Johnsons which is very good.

Jinglebells Fri 19-Dec-03 12:14:58

The thread is good not the Johnsons

Jinglebells Fri 19-Dec-03 12:18:04

Bossy Kate Sudocrem is safe to use on the face but a bit messy.

bossykate Fri 19-Dec-03 12:19:00

thank you!

Followthatstar Fri 19-Dec-03 13:37:07

When my ds was a baby he had bad eczema which improved greatly with moisturising ointment prescribed by the doctor and a wonderful shampoo recommended by the HV. It's called Alphosyl, available over the counter. It's made of herbs and did wonders for my little boy. We used it on his body, too, instead of soap.

mears Fri 19-Dec-03 13:53:32

You know babies' hair can be washed with water alone. I'll have look for the thread on it.

mears Fri 19-Dec-03 13:59:00

Here it is here

CountessDingDongDrac Fri 19-Dec-03 14:45:29

melsy my dd has ecezma and the doc prescribed oily cream rather than aqueous, similar but waxier and seems to work better. Might be worth asking about.

When I was dd's hair I put the shampoo on in the bath and then when I take her out at the end I sort of hang her over the bath and shower it off with the hairwashing shower attachment thingy, then it doesn't get on her body. That seems to help her skin a lot.

melsy Fri 19-Dec-03 17:00:45

Very interesting reading. We have SEVERE eczema in the family so when i saw the patches on her face I was worried, now it seems the "sensitive" shampoo is making it worse. I have bought dentinox to try , as I feel she needs something on the hair as ut gets really greasy.

We used to only wash her hair over the sink and sit her in water and emolient, but the forehead & face area is the problem and not her body.

jinglesaur Fri 19-Dec-03 17:02:14

Is that the cradle cap shampoo melsy? I did try it on DS1 but it seemed to make both his scalp and his skin worse, so never used it again.

melsy Fri 19-Dec-03 17:05:25

yeah - jinglesaur , another friend swears by it!

jinglesaur Fri 19-Dec-03 17:07:51

At least you've reminded me that I should probably get rid of the old bottle I have lurking in the cupboard! Good luck anyway with it,

robinw Sat 20-Dec-03 07:24:49

message withdrawn

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