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My child won't stop eating, does anyone have a medical explanation, or is she just a greedy madam?

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mykidsmum Sat 11-Mar-06 21:26:50

I have almost 6 year old dt's. Both identical, in looks, height and weight. However dt2 does not stop eating and drinking so much so that others are now passing comment. Yesterday she went to a party and when I collected, the mum remarked on how she had eaten all her dinner, and get this four hamburgers on top. We eat very healthily at home, there is literally no dinner that she won't eat, which is great, however the sheer volume of food that she can consume is a worry. Obviously most dinners there is a limit, I don't just endlessly feed her, but she would carry on if she could. Anyone know of any medical conditions etc that can cause this, my mil thinks worms but that is an old wives tale surely? TIA

Northerner Sat 11-Mar-06 21:30:19

There is something called Prada Willi syndrome or something, but they do crazy things like raid the fridge to get to food.

My Mum says worms too. Winder if there is any truth in this?

Is dt2 over weight?

juliab Sat 11-Mar-06 21:31:51

There is something called Prader Willi syndrome. But I'm pretty sure it's quite rare and very extreme. It's where the signals that tell you you're full just don't happen. Might be worth looking up?

mykidsmum Sat 11-Mar-06 21:32:17

No not at all, exactly the same weight as her sister who eats considerably less, I would say she is slim. She doesn't go behind my back to get food, but wines continuously.

mykidsmum Sat 11-Mar-06 21:33:43

may look up prada willi, wonder if it starts of mild and gets worse.
We have all had worms in the past, wonder if there is some truth, will be looking at her bum tonight!

juliab Sat 11-Mar-06 21:34:48

Doesnt sound like PW syndrome, then. People with that get really really big. Maybe it's metabolic?

anniebear Sat 11-Mar-06 21:36:45

My Mum says about One of my twin girls (4 and a a half) having worms!!!

All she ever says is that shes hungry, it really is getting on my nerves

It is the first thing she says to me when she comes out of School and I get it all the way home

She is very slim though, but her twin sister is a bit podgey so I don't want her to be asking for food all the time!!

mykidsmum Sat 11-Mar-06 21:38:48

I've just googled worms and found that it can cause increased appetite, but I'm sure I've also read on other sites it isn't the case. Hmmmmmmmm

mykidsmum Sat 11-Mar-06 21:40:57

I'm almost certain its an old wives tale, but you know it may not be.

Mum2OneAndOneMore Sat 11-Mar-06 21:45:55

Only one way of knowing.....

Get the torch out & get hunting

anniebear Sat 11-Mar-06 21:47:51

eugh !!

anniebear Sat 11-Mar-06 21:48:38

could just hear my DD going into School

"Mrs *, Mummy looked up my bottom with a torch last night"!!!!!

mykidsmum Sat 11-Mar-06 21:50:06

Just found a site that says loss of appetite too!
Fortunately we had a power cut last night so I know exactly where the torch is

kama Sat 11-Mar-06 21:50:18

Message withdrawn

mykidsmum Sat 11-Mar-06 21:50:43

You do it when asleep Anniebear, thats when the buggers come out

busybusybee Sat 11-Mar-06 21:50:56

Prada Willi is a chromosonal disorder that you are born with - ie Your dd would have (if I have my facts right been ravenous from birth and would by now be obese)

It causes a very low metabolic rate so they find it very difficult to loose weight - though they need to because of the compulsive desire to eat more than they need. It also normally (I think) causes learning difficulties

HTH and that you find the solution soon
I think you should take her to see the gp for reassurance.

mykidsmum Sat 11-Mar-06 21:52:10

No Kama, she hasn't been checked, I think I may take her to the gp. I don't know about food with diabetes but she is a very thirsty child too

mykidsmum Sat 11-Mar-06 21:53:15

Thankyou busybusybee for the info

tamum Sat 11-Mar-06 21:56:23

It would be absolutely extraordinary to have identical twins with and without Prader Willi- it would have to have been a mutation in one twin only, very early in development. Wildly unlikely, I would have thought. Sorry you're having this worry

expatinscotland Sat 11-Mar-06 21:58:39

hope you find some answers, mykids. i have a good friend whose daughter has PWS. FWIW, she noticed differences in her child very early on.

busybusybee Sat 11-Mar-06 21:59:29

Before it is diagnosed diabetes normally causes weight loss (I think) as well as thirst (no idea about hunger though)

I have a cousin with Prada Willi and a brother with diabeties hence my interest in both conditions!

mykidsmum Sat 11-Mar-06 22:01:04

Thanks Tamum, I am starting to view this as a concern, have always thought she had a great appetite, but it is bordering on the ridiculous. We had two types of take away in one night, (family get together no-one could agree) and my mum told me after she had gone to bed that she had eaten, three slices of Pizza plus chips and chicken fried rice and a bit of birthday cake. I hadn't even noticed

mykidsmum Sat 11-Mar-06 22:04:00

Thanks expat
Busybee, she has actually slimmed down recently, although wouldn't say weightloss as such, more a change in body shape. Again I'm sure its the same for her twin. I had gestational diabetes when pregnant so not sure if this increases chances.
Its probably just worms!!

expatinscotland Sat 11-Mar-06 22:05:23

PWS children can also have other concerns that are noticeable, not just appetite.

mykidsmum Sat 11-Mar-06 22:09:22

I suppose my concern was at what point were Prada Willi Syndrome children first diagnosed. Alot of the info from lovely mumsnetters on here has alayed my fears. Still very confused though, google isn't helping much either!

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