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Anyone used Homeopathy to cure childhood excema?

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jennifersofia Tue 16-Dec-03 22:45:50

If so, successful, or not? What was your experience?

QZmum Wed 24-Dec-03 17:21:39

My DS1 suffered terrible excema as a baby and I took him to a homeopath. We started of with Graphites cream and tablets for the dryness which seemed to help primarily with the cracking behind his ears. It was expensive as you need regular appointments but I found a herbal preperation called Mahonia Aquifolium that I can't praise enough. I used the cream on my son and it moisturised and extreme dryness as well as clearing up the rashes at least as well as hydrocortisone cream that my GP had prescibed. Being a natural product I felt happy to use it regularly as opposed to the steroid based creams. I researhed Mahonia Aquifolium on the net and purchased it from Yoni international.

Chandra Sat 27-Dec-03 00:29:33

We have tried it, and he was free of eczema for three months but are not sure if it was the homeopathic treatment or the treatment prescribed by the dermatologist, or the combination of both... A couple of weeks ago eczema returned and we tried the same medicines the dermatologist prescribed and are not working... the only difference from then and now is that now he is not taking graphites (homeopatic remedy), so we are not sure, however... all our ecsepticism about homeopathy dissapeared when few weeks ago he was given Calc Carb because we were worried he was nt growing enough and was a bit delayed in development... amazingly, we gave him the single dose the H recommended and in less than 24 hours he started chattering non-stop, moves much more and in a week got his first tooth, he has changed a lot, is very active and doesn't stop chattering. I really can't stop to be amazed about how a tiny drop of oyster shell remedy 4 weeks ago could make such a difference. I think homeopathy is worth a try, it's totally inocuous if it doesn't work and if it does...God what a difference!!!

Chandra Sat 27-Dec-03 00:31:57

QZ mum, do you have the web address of Yoni international?

Jimjambells Sat 27-Dec-03 19:34:16

I think there was a study in Glasgow which showed it was very suuccessful for eczema. You have to choose your homeopath carefullly though. if you are using steroids and just stop them you will get in an awful mess with rebound. You need someone who is sympathetic to orthodox medicine (or at least doesn't see it as the devil's work). I am traiing to be a homeopath- used to be a non-believer but have seen some amazing results with ds1 (not for eczema for other stuff).

QZmum Sun 28-Dec-03 19:09:17

Chandra - yoni international web site is at I found the mahonia aquifolium Skin Therapy Balm better than the body lotion which was a bit watery.

dinosaur Sun 28-Dec-03 20:31:11

tried it - worked for a while but then stopped working

sylvev Mon 29-Dec-03 16:41:31

Hi there, we visited a homeopath when we had 2 cats and my son became allergic. It took about 10 days for the symptoms to reduce and he is much, much better now. He gets the occassional sneeze-attack but nothing like it was. The homeopath we saw said remedies are often more successful with children as their systems are less complex. I know this is not about excema, but thought it might give you further information.
Good luck.

Chandra Mon 29-Dec-03 16:57:47

Does anybody know of a reliable homepath in Yorkshire? I have been seeing one but eventhough he seem OK with other medicine at the beggining now he has blame all the problem in my using of normal creams that contain parafin (???) and had told me I was going to cause asthma to my DS if I continue its use. He also advised against any vacination at all... I know he doesn't have much experience yet so... I would like to get a second opinion...

lorne Mon 29-Dec-03 18:23:07

Hi there,

My ds had terrible excema when he was young. I tried all the creams etc from doctors but they didn't work. I eventually took him to a homiepath and he prescibed sulphate tablets. I had to crush so many a day and give them to my ds and it took a few weeks but it cleared up completely. Touch wood it has not returned. Homiepathic certainly worked for my ds. Hope this helps.

Chandra Mon 29-Dec-03 18:26:36

Wow Lorne, Sulphur is really strong how old was he and for how long did he had the remedy? Mine is on graphites but they are working very slow..

lorne Mon 29-Dec-03 19:41:08

Ds's excema started maybe when he was about 12 weeks old. I went to doctors and they gave us various creams which didn't do any good at all. I think I would have gone to homeiepath when he was about 18months(I can't remember exactly) and within maybe 3-4 weeks I started to notice a difference.
As I said he got rid of it completely and touch wood he is still completely free of it now. I will give you Tel. No. of Doctor Jones who is based in Inverness, maybe it is worth you phoning and speaking to him and he can maybe give you more information about what tablets they were and then maybe you can check in your area who does homeipathic medicine. Tel No. is 01463 710222.

Please let me know how you get on as I know how distressing it is for you to see your baby like this.

Bogwoppit Mon 29-Dec-03 20:25:26

chandra - wher ein yorkshire are you. I have a lovely homeopath in Hebden Bridge West Yorks who was highly recommmended by a number of friends.
let me know if it is near enough &~ I'll let you have her details

Chandra Mon 29-Dec-03 23:29:43

Lorne & Bogwoppit, Inverness is very far and Hebden Bridge is not bad but still a bit far away to go in a regular vbasis or in an emergency but I would like to have the contact details anyway, who knows? they may be able to recommend could somebody nearer to my area. Thanks

jennifersofia Sun 04-Jan-04 22:32:28

Thanks everyone- all rather informative. My DD has it all over her back and it is clearly quite itchy and looks sore. We have been doing the moisturizing creams, less washing etc route, but it hasn't really helped. We did give her a H remedy, and that seemed to help, but it has come back in the last couple of weeks. Have been dithering about going down the topical steroid route to clear it up, but resistant (though MIL is not!). Homeopath, though not militant, is obviously not keen on the topical steroids. I have also heard from others that the TS often clears it up temporarily, only to have it come back and so the cycle goes. I think what we are going to do is give her another remedy and also completely cut out dairy and eggs for a month and see how we go from there.

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