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Gout pain

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weebuns Thu 09-Aug-12 13:52:06

Anyone suffering from gout pain? My husband suffers from terrible gout pain in his feet. He's only 38 and has recently lost over a stone(over a year) and it still persists. He has a kidney disease for which he takes co-aprovel to maintain a good blood pressure. Has anyone good diet tips? He has looked into it a lot on the Internet but nothing really seems factual. Has anyone ever had the 'crystals' aspirated from the affected joint? He uses cholchine to help the pain, which is harsh on his stomach. He can only use the anti inflammatory cream, as he can't take anti inflammatories.

Dollybird99 Thu 09-Aug-12 14:04:39

Hi there, My partner has had a kidney transplant and also has suffered from gout (quite severely) in the past. He isn't able to take ibuprofen or any anti-inflammatories for the pain because of his kidney so the doctor prescribed co-codamol which definitely seems to help. Eventually the doctor also prescribed Allopurinol which he now takes daily and this helps to stop the uric acid crystallising and therefore causing the pain.

In terms of diet, I would suggest avoiding mackerel, seafood, lentils, organ meat (kidney, liver etc), Guinness, red meat.

When my partner was really suffering I used to make him drink Cherry Juice as this is meant to help with dissolving the uric acid crystals (although this isn't proven), and he said that he thought it helped.

Hope that helps and hope he starts to feel better soon, it's an awful pain.

Dolly x

gingeroots Thu 09-Aug-12 19:38:17

My mum has gout and is on a low dose of Allapurinol which has significantly reduced flare ups .
( tho hospital doc is saying it hasn't reduced uric level much and should be increased ,but she has kidney failure so I'm keen for it to stay a low dose )

Apparently you shouldn't take aspirin during a flare up as it makes the gout worse .

I believe that taking high dose vit C supplements ( 1000 or 15000 a day ) is recommended .
But fructose ( generally fruit sugar ) makes it worse so avoid fruit juice ,especially pear and apple which are high in fructuse .

I would ask for referral to a rheumatologist .

KeeleResearcher Mon 11-Mar-13 13:02:18

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