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Anyone had oral thrush and do I have it?

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popsicicle Tue 16-Dec-03 18:07:44

My tongue has been hurting for about one week - at first i thought that I had burned it as that is what it felt like. Then food and rinks started to tase weird - sour or metallicy
Then slightly swollen and rubbing against my side teeth
Now, it feels as though someone has rubbed it with sandpaper and bled when i brushed my teeth this morning - uncomfortable when eating or drinking
also, on the tip, it has small red dots - not really raised but kind of like small fish scales....that sounds foul and doesnt really describe it properly but similar
also have tiny ulcer-like things on the side of my tongue but suspect it had been rubbing against my teeth.
Now my lips are starting to tingle as you get if you eat too many pickled onion or vinegary crisps....know what I mean!?
Three pharmacists have been variably hepful - one said don't worry, another said may by thrush - try this gel
another has given my capsules to numb my tongue
cant get doc appt til xmas eve!!!!
does this sound familair with anyone?
shall i continue with the thursh gel??
have googled but not that helpful
sorry long post!

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popsicicle Tue 16-Dec-03 18:08:04

ps - havent got the characteristic white coating....

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Festivefly Tue 16-Dec-03 18:11:11

I haven't got a clue anymore sorry popsy. I would ring nhs direct maybe they can tell you something. I'll have a route for you on the internet anyway

popsicicle Tue 16-Dec-03 18:15:01

i just found lots of scary things to do with sore tongues linked to all kinds of scary diseases.......

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Festivefly Tue 16-Dec-03 18:22:31

I'm still looking, but thought perhaps you should ring nhs direct after this ,at least you would get to speak to a nurse

Festivefly Tue 16-Dec-03 18:27:20

If its not thrush or an allergy, perhaps its in the family of sore throats and is viral. You probably need a course of antibiotics

Festivefly Tue 16-Dec-03 18:31:02

Sorry i'm talking rubbish, i mean if its bacterial

Festivefly Tue 16-Dec-03 18:48:59

Anything here, maybe stomatitus listed here

popsicicle Tue 16-Dec-03 19:03:41

will call nhsdirect i think

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Tinker Tue 16-Dec-03 19:40:48

Have you taken any sore throat pastels recently? Boots own caused my tongue to flare up like this!

popsicicle Tue 16-Dec-03 20:02:17

just spoke to nhs direct
spoke to nurse straight away - is this a record?
said it could be - an allergy........thrush or cold sores in the mouth!!?!?!?!?
getting gp appt tomorrow anyway!

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Ca225 Sat 22-Sep-18 20:59:31

Did you ever find out what this was? You've described exactly what I am going through!! Thank you!!

CoffeeAndEyeliner Thu 09-May-19 22:07:34

@ca225 did YOU ever find out? This is me exactly. It’s agony

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