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Uterine Polyp anyone?

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Shybairns Fri 03-Aug-12 20:21:16

I went for a scan after my cycle changed radically a few months ago. The sonographer (right job title??) saw a bit of fluid in the uterus that she thought might be a polyp.
Has anyone had one? And if so how did you discover it, how did your bleeds change, and what was done about it?

I have to have an appointment with a gynacologist next.

Shybairns Fri 03-Aug-12 20:37:22

No one?

zara206y Fri 03-Aug-12 21:04:40

Hi, i have just had surgery again after discovering polyps again. Last sept i bled again heavily which firstly lasted a wk then didnt stop for 3 months! I eventually went to specialist and had some polyps removed. I also had a D&C at the same time. This reduced my periods from the normal 7 days to 3 totally brilliant. Then i went to have coil fitted a few months ago only for the nurse to ask if my periods were ok and any problems, i said well i have had an extra period this month. I was sent for another scan...yup more polyps! They had returned in the same place. So went back to the gynae this last wed and had my second op to have them removed. This time tho he has done an Ablation to prevent them from coming back, but also now i am less likely to have children again. (bit sad) but i am 42! The Polyps will either cause bleeding or not...mostly do cause bleeding. Most are benign but rarely can be malignant. The last lot i had caused me to have cramps often and also my period on the first day was so painful sometimes i was doubled over. Now apparently i may not even have periods...i have yet to find out! I am only 3 days after surgery, not feeling too bad, bit cramp like when i move lots but otherwise ok. Slight leakage but not as much as i expected as i had the treatment done by a Balloon. They heat up a balloon after its inflated inside your womb and then heat it up. They kept this hot for 8 minutes to burn the inside of my Uterus, thus not being able to regrow new lining. I hope this is the last of my problems. And hope it helps x Good luck

Shybairns Fri 03-Aug-12 21:20:59

Crumbs Zara the balloon thing sounds brutal!

I had the coil fitted back in 2009 and my period was virtually non existent, litterally one wipe of the tissue and that was it. For the past 3 months my cycle has been every 25 days and I'm now bleeding for at least 7 days.
Also seems to be some murky coloured watery discharge at times.

No one seems overly concerned, but I'd like to get to the bottom of it.

shopofdreams Sat 04-Aug-12 00:04:56

I had uterine polyps removed last year. Had light bleeding for week before period started properly on some months but other months were normal.
Ultrasound result showed likely polyps but they can't be properly seen on scan.
Went into hospital and had a hysteroscopy to look at inside of uterus to identify the problem and removal of the polyps under full anaesthetic (can have hysteroscopy and biopsy without a general but had heard biopsy very painful and then if it's polyps you need to the have a general anyway).
Afterwards I had some cramping pains for the first day or so but was given good pain relief. Small amount of bleeding for a few days. Had to take it easy and also not drive for a week. After the anaesthetic it took about ten days to feel back to normal as I felt very tired and a bit wooly headed for a couple of days.
It was all straightforward and good to get it sorted out.
Good luck and hope you are ok.
Oh yes I got results a couple of weeks after surgery to confirm polyps and not cancer (which had been a scary possibility)

Ameliagrey Sun 05-Aug-12 16:46:38

OP no polyps but just wanted to give my story as opposed to shops.

I have had 2 biopsies- one was just that, in gynae's surgery and felt nothing- very straightforward and got ttrain home later that day.

Secondy biopsy was done during a hysteroscopy - no anaethesia- and again, the biopsy was not painful.

You can opt to have local anaesthesia for a hysteroscopy. If the polyps are big they may prefer to use a general, but if you are given options then talk it all through.

Shybairns Sun 05-Aug-12 21:24:04

Thank you Ameliagrey

gingergran Sun 05-Aug-12 23:15:01

i had large polyps removed under GA a few weeks ago. absolutely no side effects or pain. no restrictions on what i could or could not do. went in to hospital at 7.30 am and was home by lunchtime.

thankfully biopsies came back clear.

dont worry about seeing the gynae - it is much better to get it sorted than suffer

thebestnamesaregone Sun 05-Aug-12 23:37:27

I had two polyps removed during a hysteroscopy, and without a GA. Wonderful consultant, it was uncomfortable but not excruciatingly painful. I was fine straight afterwards and drove myself home.

I went from almost daily bleeding (aged 51) to no bleeding for 10 months, two periods then the menopause. The biopsy the week before was more painful - but still doable without anaesthesia

Ameliagrey Mon 06-Aug-12 09:16:28

I'd heard that the biopsy can be "ouch" and my gynae gave me meds to take beforehand- but I didn't take them. In all honestly, I didn't feel a thing except a tiny, tiny nip which lasted half a second.

MorrisZapp Mon 06-Aug-12 09:19:43

I had a polyp removed under GA. Didn't feel a thing before or after. Periods back to normal straight away, got pg within the year.

It was a day job, I was home in time for tea.

lynford1949 Wed 07-Jan-15 11:45:18

Had polyp removed yesterday under ga said they couldn't get all of it took biopsy and see doc again b in 6 weeks now scared

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