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Anyone had a breast reduction?

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GingerCat77 Tue 31-Jul-12 18:35:18

Can anyone offer me any words of wisdom/advice/ experience on the subject? I'm 35 and a size 34G/H/I/J bloody huge depending on the fit. Actually I'm not sure of my exact size as I always tell the fitter not to tell me... I've always been bothered by the size of them and do suffer a lot from sore shoulders as well as pain from bra straps constantly digging in. I'm currently breast feeding my second and I know they might go down once I've finished but they're practically around my knees as it is. I could do with losing a bit of weight but I'm a size 16/18 so by no means huge.

So I interested to hear from women who've had it done. NHS v private? Cost? Pain? Waiting list? Recovery? Anything really that might help me decide whether it's something I should start to seriously consider.

Thank you x

Chocoholic21 Tue 31-Jul-12 18:40:12

No advice I'm afraid but have often wondered too! I'm the same sizes as you, and the only thing that has put me off so far is I was told you can't breast feed once you've had it done and I would like more children in the future. Hope you find some answers though!

backintraining Tue 31-Jul-12 19:19:43

I had one done when I was 18, am now 32 & its the best thing I had done. I was a 36 F/G and am now a 36 C. Because I was so big & so young I was able to have it done on the NHS so am not sure about cost.

It was a 3hr operation, I had it done on the Monday afternoon & was discharged two days later. I was quite sore for a fair few days & was on a lot of painkillets at first but it soon settled down. You just have to take it very easy. At the time I was a student and had it done in the summer holidays. I also had a part time job in a supermarket and I had 3 weeks off work but was then back to it.

I have scars but they are obviously very very faint now. I have a thin scar line around each nipple, then a thin line to the bottom of each breast and one underneath, its like an anchor shape. Apart from a bit of wound leakage I didn't have any problems at all.

In terms of breast feeding, I was told I would have a 50/50 chance. The nerves controlling the milk ducts are all severed but they can reconnect. In my case I have had two children and unfortunately couldn't breastfeed, I just didn't get the milk - that said my first was 7wks prem so who knows if it was down to that or my op that I couldn't feed.

I was disappointed that I couldn't breastfeed, but that has been the only negative. It changed my life for the better. After having the op my posture improved, I was more confident, was able to exercise easier and didn't have back pain.... and as a vanity issue I could wear nicer clothes!!

Hope this helps.

backintraining Tue 31-Jul-12 19:23:31

Sorry, waiting list.... I got referred by my GP in the September and had it done the following July, but that was years ago so don't know how things are now. Why don't you approach your GP for an initial chat about things.

Tyniclogs Tue 31-Jul-12 19:57:50

I had a breast reduction last August. From a 36 J to 36 C. I appoached my gp who made an apointment with the consultant that was then cancelled. I contacted the consultant privately and was told as my bmi was not 28 or under I would not be considered by the pct on the nhs. I am a size 16 and 5'6" and worked out I'd need to drop 2 stone to get the suggested bmi. I did lose weight but ended up paying 5k for the op privately with the same consultant. I am glad I had it done but it wasn't an easy op to recover from with 2 children. The main problems I had were the after effects of the anesthetic and despite being in a private hospital I didn't feel I recieved great treatment. There were complications with the wounds due to not being able to rest fully and it took longer to heal than expected. Havibg said al that, I am really happy with the result, my boobs are scarred and slightly wonky with nipples every so slightly higher than they should be but SO much easier to carry about. I've just started running for the first time in my life and the feeling of freedom is fantastic.

Anyone considering this I would suggest you organise lots if help for at least 6 weeks post op. Take account of any history of depression or reaction to morphine....sent me on a bit of a down. Don't expect perfection. Hope that helps.

ConfessorKahlan Wed 01-Aug-12 19:55:14

6 years ago I had mine done on the NHS. Went from 32K to 32F. It was painful, could only sleep sitting up for 4 weeks afterwards and left with scars, but it was all worth it. I really had to fight to get it done as I saw 3 different GPs at my surgery. The first 2 said that it was no longer done on the NHS, but they were wrong as I found out from the practice nurse who said I should keep trying and insist on being referred. I did this and in the end I just sat in the 3rd GPs office and cried. I think then that he realised how depressed I felt about the whole thing and referred me.

As soon as I saw the consultant he said yes and I had it done within 6 weeks.

To anyone considering this, be realistic. It will hurt. It is major surgery. You will need help with your children (I had 2 aged 3 and 5).

It is one of the best decisions I ever made.

Stylelostinlabour Thu 02-Aug-12 21:00:58

Hello I had one nearly eight years ago went from a 34GG/H/J etc had it done privately and paid 3200.00. The most painful part was having my drains taken out. I have had three children since and breast feed so it is possible.

I took two weeks off work after which I was able to drive and felt fine was just glad to get rid of the breasts they weighted just over a stone when removed! My mum then went on to have hers done she went from a 30GG down to a 30E and it changed both our life's for the best.

I'd say go,for it

lucysnowe Fri 03-Aug-12 12:17:46

Definitely go for it! I had mine done around 10 years ago on the nhs. Just went to GP, he examined boobs, discussed emotional issues etc and I was referred. Operation was about a year later, so a bit of a wait. Some scars but not having enormous bazongas is really the best feeling in the world. NB if you're aiming to have kids right now (supposing you haven't already) you may want to wait till you've had them, as breastfeeding can be really hard post-reduction, if not impossible.

lucysnowe Fri 03-Aug-12 12:18:25

Oh doh, you said you were bfing your second! Ok, when you're done bfing, go for it :-)

GingerCat77 Wed 08-Aug-12 04:12:59

Thank you all for your replies! I'm thinking more and more that this is something I'm going to seriously consider once I'm done with breastfeeding this one and have lost a bit of weight. Gonna see the dr in a few months to get the ball moving! grin

Florin Wed 08-Aug-12 05:33:49

For another perspective I was going to have mine done and my parents offered to pay for me to go private. Instead I went on a major diet I went from 11 stone to just over 9. You could literally see my boobs shrinking by the day. They went from from a large GG to a Large E or in some bras a F they looked dramatically different and for Once in my life I loved my boobs. I could wear lots of different clothes and looked normal in a bikini. We went away last summer and I felt on top of the world and when I look back at the pictures I looked the best I have ever done for once I was really happy with my body. Since then I got pregnant and had my ds 6 weeks ago. As soon as I was pregnant they ballooned again. I couldn't stand breast feeding as they grew to cartoon size and were so uncomfortable. I stopped breastfeeding and they have shrunk to about a G. I am now trying to diet to get them back to what they were as I felt so much happier then. Anyway just to say it might be worth giving dieting a go first. I managed it quite quickly on a sort of extreme version of weight watchers. I cut out all carbs and basically ate meat, veg and salad I did that for 2 months and lost about a stone and a half and then did a lot less extreme version and lost about another half stone. I did have to make regular trips to a bra shop though-at one point I was changing weekly!

Charliefox Fri 19-Oct-12 12:41:37

Lots of great real life pics and experiences here

TiAAAAARGHo Fri 19-Oct-12 12:50:34

Mine are currently 34h and will likely increase as I am pg. I am planning to get a reduction in a few years ( being a c or d sounds like heaven) so have been very interested in reading this thread. I knew someone who had hers done about 10 years ago and she said it was the best decision ever.

Sadly dieting has never shifted mine ( I go down in back size but up in cup size)

Charliefox Fri 19-Oct-12 13:50:25

I've had it done. Pm if you want more details. The link above though is great for reading real experiences.

JaneSKMAN Tue 01-Jan-13 18:14:28

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