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Labral tear in Hip

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wonkylegs Wed 26-Jun-13 23:51:36

I've just been discharged by my surgeon. I spent a year on crutches, whilst having intensive private physio. I'm as better as I'll get without surgery. I still get some niggling pain but day to day is bearable.
I already take pain medication everyday for another condition.
Surgeon wasn't convinced about operating as I have RA and that combined with my RA meds made surgery both quite risky and less likely to succeed.
He said that the odds for surgery making it better were about 50% but I would be laid up for a long period following surgery and due to my meds/disease complications I am a high risk. He left it to me as to if I wanted to go ahead. I decided against it.
It's not a completely satisfying result but it's quite a sensible decision due to the other factors. He is also happy to review it if there are any changes for the worse. Thankfully as I am already in the system due to the RA getting a referral is relatively quick.

Littleballofhate Tue 25-Jun-13 02:08:55

Oh Binky..just wanted to say I tore my labrum falling down some stairs. The pain was insane. I am mum to three children, one just five years old. I opted to have surgery as I just could not cope with prolonged pain. Very hard to "mum" on heavy duty pain killers!
The operation made a world of difference to me. Pain was almost entirely relieved. I needed to go through period of physical therapy though.

binkybonk Mon 24-Jun-13 15:28:30

Please someone know something about this! It is 10.30pm here and I am so so tired of spending nights breathing through pain- operate or not?

binkybonk Mon 24-Jun-13 12:37:25

What happened to either of you?! Did you get the Arthroscopy? I have hip dysplasia, labral tears and cannot take the pain any more :-(
But consultant #1 was 'get it done NOW'
#2 'don't get it done till unable to walk then get full hip replacement'
and #3 just offered me an appointment in August. I'm not in UK then so feel like canning that and just deciding- which I can't do as I really don't think I have full picture.
I've tried pilates and physio exercises every day for a month, feels worse- should I continue? Haven't tried taking anything this time round (the pain has dramatically increased in last 6 months) as I'm breastfeeding- if you take something does it really blank out the pain? When I took them pre-pregnancy felt they were no help. (Voltarol)
What to do? Hope this bumps this up a bit and you both see it! Or others who could help...

Arana Sun 26-Aug-12 09:26:38

Ooh ooh ooh!

I've got two of these apparently - having an MRI next week to confirm diagnosis. I'm behind you treatment wise, so can't offer any advice, but it's nice not to be the only one smile

The orthapaedic surgeon I saw recommended arthoscopy for both as I'm young (30) and would be the best way of managing it.

Pain wise, I find that stuff like codeine and tramadol don't touch the pain, but I have found that nicotine does. It doesn't prevent the sharp pain, but it gets rid of the ache for a couple of hours - unfortunately it's only been cigarettes rather than any nicotine gum or anything like that that's worked for me.

I don't know if you wear an SI belt as well? It doesn't stop it hurting, but when I take it off, it hurts less?

I don't know why, it just does. My pelvis is very unstable and I have tendonosis and tendonitis of many of the muscles there, so maybe it helps to sort that out rather than the labral tear itself. Thankfully, I'm not on crutches (although I did use them previously, but as my pain is on both sides now, they wouldn't do much good) so I just walk like I'm about 80.

How did you do yours? Was it an acute trauma?

wonkylegs Sun 29-Jul-12 22:01:27

Has anybody had one of these and not had to have an arthroscopy? What treatment did you have instead
Or if you've had arthroscopy how was it and what was recovery like?
I'm currently on crutches with a request for an appointment with a surgeon, but I'm fed up already. Work, active 4yo and unsympathetic husband are wearing me down on top of the pain & awkwardness of actually being on crutches. Dr didn't explain too much except rest & stronger painkillers - to wait until I see surgeon but I don't know how long that will be or what that will entail.
Any pointers on what to expect I would be very grateful

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