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Worried about ds

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Jenie Mon 15-Dec-03 10:17:01

Ds has been ill since Friday, he's had a bit of a cold and not wanted to drink much although he has been eating so I haven't worried too much.

This morning I came into the lounge to find him fast asleep on the sofa, I was going to pop him into his cot when I realised he'd got a dirty. Obviously I changed it but he didn't wake up whilst I was doing this, I then put him into his cot and he's still asleep half and hour later. Should I be worried?

He seemed a bit better this morning he actually drank 3 cups of water when all weekend he's only been drinking 2 each day.

twiglett Mon 15-Dec-03 10:19:39

message withdrawn

Jimjams Mon 15-Dec-03 10:19:51

If you're worried take him to the docs. Both of mine have been knocked out with various things recently. ds1 is a particularly heavy sleeper., try to get him to drink though- even if its a sip at a time. Food doesn't matter so much if they are ill but fluid is important.

samACon Mon 15-Dec-03 10:22:55

If he's just deeply asleep I wouldn't worry, kids tend to sleep alot when they are unwell, he probably just needs the rest. HOWEVER, if there is anything about it that is worrying you ie he is really unresponsive, pale, sweaty, breathing strangely etc then you can always give GP or NHS Direct a ring just to check.

Hope he gets better soon,

Jenie Mon 15-Dec-03 10:25:56

Thank you for getting back to me, he usually sleeps so lightly that the tv can wake him up but he slept through having his nappy changed and I even got him half dressed then put him in his cot.

I should be enjoying this moment of peace but instead I'm worried about having it!

Jimjams Mon 15-Dec-03 10:35:47

Does he have a temp? Was he up a lot last night? (and therefore extra tired). DS1 was very knocked out by the flu, but he sleeps deeply at the best of times. If you're worried ring and try to get him to the drs today.

Jenie Mon 15-Dec-03 10:39:24

Not got much of a temp and he wasn't up last night, I think that you're right and he's sleeping deeply because he doesn't feel well.

I've just been in to check on him and given him a bit of nudge just to make sure that I can wake him and he murmered then went back off straight away - didn't even open his eyes. So I'm confident that I can wake him, children can be so stressful when their ill.

Blu Mon 15-Dec-03 10:41:49

Jenie, how old is he?
My DS is (I hope) on the mend from this truly horrible bug, and it really does knock them for six.
As others have said, watch out for very high temperature, especially if it doesn't come down after calpol, and especially if he has high temperature, BUT hands and feet are cold and clammy.
Keep the air moist in the room (wet washing over radiator is good).
It will prbably be best to get him checked by a doctor to make sure he isn't getting a bacterial infection, such as chest or ear infection. But if your doctor is lke ours, lack of food won't interest them at all: DS has just endured almost 10 days of eating amounts that wouldn't keep a small spider alive, and one one day, didn't drink either.Sorry: you probably won't be relaxing much over the next few days. Not fair. is it?

Jenie Mon 15-Dec-03 10:51:13

Ds is 19 months so still not very old, he doesn't do ill very well, he stays so cheerful that my gp doesn't take him or me seriously when I'm saying that he isn't well!

Fortuantly I know that when we go to hospital (which has happened a few times now, usually within 24 hours of seeing my gp) they ignore the fact that he is so cheery and get on with diagnosing what's wrong with him.

Don't think it's bad enough to warrent a trip to A&E just yet but I will keep a close eye on him.

Also he is eating enough just didn't want to drink much for a few days, that now seems to have returned to normal and wet nappies are pleantiful, not worried about de-hydration now.

StressyHead Mon 15-Dec-03 11:00:30

message withdrawn

Jenie Mon 15-Dec-03 16:08:07

Ds slept for 3hrs, why does he have to be ill to do this, I'm not greedy just once in a while (say once a week, on a pre-agreed day say Monday) would be great.

Anyway he woke up much happier and now seems much better Still got a snotty nose and smells of calpol as he blew a raspberry as I put it into his mouth (grrrrrrrr).

Thank you all for helping me to relax about it.

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