Post appendix surgery IBS anyone?

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Esker Thu 26-Jul-12 18:30:34

I had an emergency appendectomy in April (open cut, not keyhole for those familiar with the procedure). I felt pretty fragile for about 8 weeks but after that was pretty much back to normal.

However last week pain in my lower right hand side has returned. I went to the GP who sent me for an ultrasound. This revealed a small amount of fluid in the region of my scar, which although apparently unusual so long after surgery, didn't seem to be anything to worry about according to the medics.

My aunt says what I'm describing sounds similar to her symtoms of IBS, and after a quick consultation with Dr Google I have found some rather grim connections between appendectomy and the onset of IBS.

It's not intense pain, just a sort of constant pressure/discomfort. I'm moving around with great care and feel very protective of my abdomen, e.g. can't bear any pressure on it from my jeans and so on.

I just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience?

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WanderingOkapi Thu 26-Jul-12 19:54:06

I had painful adhesions after my op. I was very young but it was painful. Had to have another op to sort it out. I do get ibs but know that it is stress related . Hope u get some help and feel better soon .

Marrow Thu 26-Jul-12 23:46:57

I had similar symptoms after a laparotomy and it was because I had an incisional hernia which eventually led to an obstructed bowel. Did they mention anything about an incisional hernia?

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 27-Jul-12 08:03:55

I would seek further medical advice, I take it as read that you did not have this type of pain you have now prior to surgery.

FWIW I don;t think its IBS, something else has caused this to arise like a hernia for instance.

GP should refer you back to the hospital where this op was performed as a matter of course. It should be further investigated. Do not put up with this, you will need to be persistant in order to get answers.

Esker Fri 27-Jul-12 15:10:34

Thank you so much for your responses, I really appreciate it. -WanderingOkapi- my GP did suggest that it could be adhesions, however I would have thought they have shown up on the ultrasound (however I know nothing about ultrasound technology so maybe not). I know little about hernias either except that there is usually a lump/ something visually obvious, however I'll ask about that possibility.

I will definitely insist on this being looked at properly though as right now I just can't live my normal life - not eating properly as afraid of discomfort, can't carry anything heavy etc.
Thanks so much for your help!

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lizbee156 Sun 29-Jul-12 12:20:33

Yes me.
Esker PM me if you would like to know more.

OhEmGee24 Tue 31-Jul-12 11:02:52

I had same op as you, OP 3.5 years ago - emergency open cut appendectomy. From arriving in A&E to theatre was 19minutes so they said they had to do the open cut to get it out as quickly as possible (was minutes from perforation). Your connection with IBS is interesting as in the past few years I've had all the symptoms: bloating, hard stomach, constipation, diarrohea and occasionally a tender scar. Just last week I paid (£250!!) to see a consultant gastro surgeon as I've been fobbed off with everyone else I've seen. He's going to perform a whole battery of scans and tests which noone else has ever mentioned but he did mention "mesenteric adenitis" which mimics appendicitis and can be phantom-like pain and inflammation after removal. I'll let you know the results if you like.


Esker Tue 31-Jul-12 15:58:16

Lizbee I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced this - have sent you a PM.

OhEmGee - what a traumatic experience for you with the surgery! I too have a combination of those IBS-like symptoms. I hope the results of your tests are enlightening, and yes I'm very interested to hear how it goes. Good luck!

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whatupdoc Fri 05-Sep-14 16:57:51

Hiya.. I had a similar problem. My appendix burst and I passed out even before I got to the hospital and woke up after with a large scar- very lucky still. However, I have had constant problems. Soiling, pain, bloating etc... Dr says I have IBS constantly and similar to all of the specialists I have seen. I don't understand how it can just be IBS though. Its so annoying... although I know it is worst with stress and nerves! Anyway I would like to find out more about what your Dr has said about mesenteric adentis. Have you managed to find anything out about this OhEmGee24?
Also has anyone had any luck curing your pain/symptoms of IBS?
Any help would be very much appreciated!

Bolton2307 Fri 09-Dec-16 23:26:34

I know this is very late but I had my appendix out via key hole surgery in April 2015 and after a YEAR of doctors appointments, blood tests, ultrasound scans and ct scans I have been diagnosed with ibs and the consultant at the hospital said it can happen after surgery to remove the appendix!

Aaguz Fri 12-Jun-20 22:15:11

Hello Everyone did anyone else, get a appendectomy, and have this lower stomach discomfort?

Aaguz Fri 12-Jun-20 22:16:19

Esker, has your symptoms got better, did you find out what it is? and what did you take, i have the same thing as you

Honnie Wed 24-Mar-21 13:23:46

Hiya everyone,
I'm a little confused and feel anxious. I had an xray on my hip today as its been hurting on and off for a while now. The nurse performing the xray came out and said to me 'how did you get those staples in your stomach '. So now I'm really shocked and feel sick to my stomach as I don't know. I'm waiting on my doctor to call regarding this . All I can think of is, I had key hole surgery a few years ago to remove my apendix. But NO one told me I had to have internal staples 😐. Since having my apendix removed I've had on and off stomach pains and IBS symptoms which Ive never had before. Has any of you lovelies had the same thing ?also, the staples are about 5 fo 7 and randomly in my left and right side of my stomach

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