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CountessDracula Fri 12-Dec-03 21:10:12

Sorry this is a total whinge!! I have had glandular fever and shingles for about a month now and I'm sick of it. I have had to send dd down to my parents today cos I can't face it any more. I can't look after her or my dh or even walk the dog properly and I'm just feeling sooooo sick of it and so fed up.

That's all. Sorry it's pathetic I know.

pie Fri 12-Dec-03 21:11:40


Its not pathetic, its totally understandable and very fed up inducing.

Whinge away honey.

Jimjams Fri 12-Dec-03 21:14:20

Not pathetic. neither shingles nor glandualr fever is very nice. MAKE SURE YOU REST!!!!!!

bossykate Fri 12-Dec-03 21:28:21

cd, sorry to hear you are still feeling so sick and miserable. jimjams is right, you must rest as much as possible. really hope you feel much better soon.

CountessDracula Fri 12-Dec-03 22:18:26

Thanks guys, just had a couple of glasses of wine and feeling a bit happier. I've been sleeping about 16 hours a day but that seems to make no difference, I'm still exhausted all the time and the thing that really upsets me is that I just can't deal with dd while I feel like this, poor little thing just wants to play and have fun and mummy is on the sofa like a vegetable

Jimjams Fri 12-Dec-03 22:33:06

Yeah but it is really important to rest still. Me being me I'd say go and see a homeopath as well- they can be really good for this sort of thing. And you get to gripe to someone for an hour I was vaguely ill at the beginning of the week (weird stomach cramps and fluey aches) and by day 3 I was so fed up, so to have glandular fever and shingles must be vile.

Hope you have someone in doing the housework. Your dh does not need looking after btw- he's a grown man. If you can afford it why not hire someone - a mothers help type- to come in a help you for the next month or so. It will speed your recovery ( you need someone like my cleaner- she looks after the children as well- well ds2, but I wouldn't expect her to deal with ds1).


CountessDracula Fri 12-Dec-03 22:40:01

Thanks jimjams - I know dh doesn't need looking after but he is so exhausted too as he has been doing EVERYTHING for the past month, getting up for dd in the mornings early, getting up at weekends, cooking, doing the washing etc - we sent dd away for 2 nights so he could get some rest too poor thing!

We do have a cleaner, and a nanny too (which is how I get to sleep 16hrs a day!). Weekends are tough and the nanny has been off sick the past 2 days too so I'm prob just feeling rubbish cos of that. DH said that if she's sick on Monday he'll take the day off and stay home with dd. Bless him he has been an angel

Jimjams Fri 12-Dec-03 22:43:34

Hope the nanny's back on Monday. Let the house get in a mess over the weekend- make sure you and dh do the bare minimum. Glad your dh is helpful though.

Evita Sat 13-Dec-03 20:22:39

Know how you feel CD. I had an awful stomach bug almost 2 months ago which turned into a chronic gastritis and I'm feeling weak and shaky and nauseous all the time. It's incredibly hard to be a mom when you're feeling physically awful. I bloody wish I had a nanny though, even a sick one!! Get well soon and enjoy your weekend xxx

Forestfly Sat 13-Dec-03 20:25:08

What i nightmare, cd, don't feel guilty about moaning, look after yourself, i feel for you

harman Sat 13-Dec-03 20:34:18

Message withdrawn

whymummy Sat 13-Dec-03 20:45:49

poor you CD,hope you feel better soon,take it easy

aloha Sat 13-Dec-03 22:46:19

Rest, probiotics, vitamin and sleep for a couple of days may work miracles.

Good luck, you poor thing.

L xx

CountessDracula Sat 13-Dec-03 22:58:38

Thanks all you lovely lovely people!

Have had a v restful day and am feeling much better. Have had to cancel every nice thing this xmas, weddings, parties, trip to france etc. But tomorrow is our xmas drinks party and dh has been fantastic today, running around getting food, drinks, xmas tree etc as I really didn't want to cancel it. I'm so looking forward to seeing all my mates tomorrow, it's really cheered me up. And next week I'm in bed bigtime!

pie Sat 13-Dec-03 23:02:37

Glad to hear you are feeling better CD

Sounds like some time to yourself is just the ticket...don't get too pished tomorrow

CountessDracula Sat 13-Dec-03 23:04:10

oh I will I will I will, no booze much for ages, I'm gonna have a gooooood time!!!

CountessDracula Sat 13-Dec-03 23:04:47

Can't wait to see dd, missing her so much and she's only been gone 30 hours!

prufrock Sun 14-Dec-03 10:27:19

CD poor you. I've been suffering with morning sickness and found it very difficult not being able to play with dd, and being more irratible with her. My Dh has been wonderful as well, and I feel very guilty about him having to do so muh, but that's what being a DH is about - you'd do the same for him if the situations were reversed.

WSM Sun 14-Dec-03 10:41:22

Bless . Would hug you but I don't want to catch anything .

I assume you are on meds for your shingles ?

Eeek Sun 14-Dec-03 10:46:56

I had glandular fever as a very fit 16 year old and it completely wiped me out. Don't be surprised that with all the demands on you you're suffering. All you can do is wait for it to pass. And DON'T do too much too soon - you'll undo all the good you've done so far. Sorry, but it's yet more day time TV for you.

NGPY Sun 14-Dec-03 12:11:03

I agree Prufrock. I have been so tired this pregnancy and quite depressed with it. I have been really concentrating on getting the rest I need. That means DH has had to do more, and I haven't been taking DS out as much. Up to about 6 months ago, I took a "must power on through, rest is for wimps" approach, and I have paid for it with frequent illness this year, as I'm so run down now.

Countess, I know it must be very dull, but getting the rest is very important. No doubt you would say the same to your DH if the situations were reversed.

Hope you recover soon.

willow2 Sun 14-Dec-03 23:06:18

Hi CD - sorry to hear you are feeling so crap. Hope the drinks party went ok though. Fingers crossed you had a good time. Let's try to get a coffee down us this week!

Batters Mon 15-Dec-03 11:38:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CountessDracula Mon 15-Dec-03 23:05:18

Thanks everyone! Drinks party was great but tiring, dd was in a vile and clingy mood so had to carry her most of the day, I invited far too many people so the house was trashed and didn't really get to talk to everyone but had a fab time anyway. Some idiot brought and opened a bottle of port which I drank too much of and had a headache this morning, came down to about 70 empty bottle, full ashtrays and polystyrene crumbled all down the stairs (some kids decided to decorate the stairs with snow for me!!!)

Luckily the cleaner turned up and sorted it all out. Phew.

So still tired but not feeling so dismal due to seeing all my lovely friends.

oliveoil Wed 17-Dec-03 13:05:20

How did your party nibles and canapes go down?

Hope you feel better soon.


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