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Crainial osteopaths and their treatments

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Kmaidm Thu 31-Jan-13 19:34:21

Hey all, has anyone got any good recommendations for a baby cranial oestopath in the Croydon / surrey area at all? I can't seem to find much on the net... also not sure if I have left a bit late, my lo is 9 weeks old? Thanks!

Jaysfirst Thu 09-Mar-06 10:01:59

saw CO yesterday, she diagnosed a very tight diaphram and some temperal problems. DD was an angel the whole time she was there and actually looked like she was enjoying it!! no crying! Anyway she had a good sleep afterwards and was really quite smiley and chilled out right up till when she was sitting in the bath ( something she really loves normally) anyway i got her out and she ended up being ravenous for food.. even though id only fed her about an hour before. I think this has to to with th diaphram problem. Where it is so tight it isnt allowing the tummy to move up when its full, its keeping it stationary, then when she feeds she thinks shes full ( shes only ever feed for 10 mins) so now i am of the thinking that the CO has done something to her tummy and this alows her tummy to move upwards, therefore she can now take in more milk... makes sense in my mind. Which in turn should help her sleep longer. Well she slept from 7 till 10 where i dream fed her, then wok at 2, where i gave her food but she fell asleep ( i thik it was just wind she had ...) then i woke at 5 thiking, omg i havnet heard her for ages, and she was still asleep.... woke up at 5 30 for feed.

I have another appointment next week and i wil def be going, i am not saying its a miracle cure but something has changed... will keep u posted!

Jaysfirst Sun 05-Mar-06 20:44:13

thanks goingforpotty, my breath wont be held!! Its just all about trying different things to see which one works. The strict routine thing, do you mean a Gina Ford style?

going4potty Sun 05-Mar-06 20:41:04

Hello just wanted to say that like another poster have mixed feelings about co. I had a horrid deliverly, finally ending in ec. Ds cried constantly and hardly ever slept , not exagerrating, we worked out he got approx 4hrs altogether if you added up the scraps of sleep. Co wonderful one day and we got 4hrs sleep in a row, after that was fairly ineffective. I found a very strict routine suddenly made things better and i actually started to enjoy bfing and being with ds . This said my cousin still uses co with both ds one is five and one is 3 and says it works for her. So go for it but dont expect miracles, good luck

busybaby Sun 05-Mar-06 20:08:27

HaVE been there aND donE it WITH A colicky crying BABY - I have much sympathy for you and your family - TRIED CRAniaL OstEopaTH OUT OF DEspERAtion IN ThE EnD - AmAzing! DD WAS 'emotionally stuck at HEr BIRTh' AND THAT WAs WHY SHE kePT Crying.
Don't exPECt TO SEE VERY MUCH HAppening AT THE TReAtment - it looks LIKE THEy dON'T DO AnyTHING, BUT IT ReAlly heLPed my dD - she IS A LOVELY NORMAl baBY NOW (one seSsion reAlly effECtIVE, BUT STILL GOING NOW for help witH TEEThing ETC.).
My dD dID do aN AWFul lot of crying and SCREAming during that fIRSt SESsion - whicH WaS AppaENTLY HER re-living heR birtH, WHICh shE HAd to do to be ABLE TO MOVE ON - SO BE PREPARED FOR IT BEING A BIT TRAUMATIC ... WORTH IT THOUGH.


Jaysfirst Sun 05-Mar-06 19:54:53

thanks for the number, anything is worth a try!

shellybelly Sun 05-Mar-06 18:46:09

we used one when dd was 6wks old, i would recommend them but on the other hand around the same time we discovered she had reflux (cried and cried all the time like your dd) and once we had her on infant gaviscon it stopped so its difficult to know which worked for her the most the CO or the gaviscon, however the CO did say he could feel tension in her and something about her airway not opening properly straight after delivery, its worth a try at least

yomellamoHelly Sun 05-Mar-06 17:54:17

Okay, her name is Beate Guenther and the phone number is 020 8541 5566. She's based just off the King's Road.
Hope it helps!

Jaysfirst Sat 04-Mar-06 16:47:29

hiya, i am in Hersham so Kingston is good, although slightly further than the one i have noted in Hersham. Maybe you could give me the details of the Kingston one and i can call on Monday and see what she says, then spk to the one here...

SoupDragon Fri 03-Mar-06 20:03:10

Depends where in Surrey you are, Jaysfirst. The one I saw is in Croydon.

yomellamoHelly Fri 03-Mar-06 18:08:45

Am in Kingston.
Friend took her ds to one for exactly the same reasons you cite when he was a few weeks old. It took 3 sessions as was MUCH happier afterwards. (I could see the difference and I'm not his mum.)
Recently took my ds to same lady for constipation. She sorted him out on the first session and the second one has really just reinforced what she did first time. Got one more session lined up in a couple of weeks to make sure ds is sorted long-term and cannot big it up enough.
Is Kingston any good for you?
I have a friend who saw someone (a man) in Mitcham who she, and others, also rate highly (sorted her ds - now 2.5 - out in 4 sessions.

Jaysfirst Fri 03-Mar-06 17:48:45

wow thanks ladies, sorry i havent been back but its been a bit hectic IYKWM!! I am def going to ry it, i wont hold my breath as i realise that these things dont get better over night, i am in Surrey and have searced for one on the net, if anyone has any recommendations though it would be great!
Once again cheesr! i will let you know how i get on

Flip Thu 02-Mar-06 14:03:29

I've had it done to. It was amazing. I felt little tingles in my legs, fingers, back and I felt amazing afterwards. I'd been taken my five year old because he has mega behaviour issues. He recommended that I have a session just to ease the tension I felt and it ended up where the whole family went for three months. Even the baby who was just six months old then. He even put my back right when I hobbled into his office one morning after a rigourous day on roller coasters the day before. I skipped out of there and he said that he very rarely manipulated joints on that scale. He was most definitley a god and oh my god he was good looking. Amazing with the kids especially ds1. He would let him watch films on his laptop while it was being done. Chatted about footie with my husband and herbal remedies with me. Go for it!

Mumatuks Thu 02-Mar-06 13:52:10

IF we're going on costs we paid £30 for first consult (1hr long) and and £22 for every session there after. We are in Essex / london borough of Havering.

claire7676 Thu 02-Mar-06 13:17:25

Hi, GO its great, my dd wouldn't suck and cried the whole time she was awake. It was dreadful, I was in total shock after coming home with her. I took her to a few sessions at a CO (35 quid a session I seeem to remember, SE London) and she began to sttle. Just wish I'd found it before switching to bottles to save my sanity! I found mine at a local complimentary health centre. Ps I remember the constant crying and feel for you {{{hug}}}

matnanplus Thu 02-Mar-06 13:16:55

£30/£40 per session is what the mum's have paid in sw london and milton keynes

SoupDragon Thu 02-Mar-06 13:03:46

Just doing this with DD as she's been snuffly since birth and can't clear it. CO says she's scrunched up behind the bridge of her nose and has some ension between her shoulder blades and at the base of her spine (and that she has a lovely shaped head!) We went yesterday and she's finally managed to sneeze with visible results Going back in 2 weeks for another session.

It cost me £30 and I'm in South London/Surrey.

starlover Thu 02-Mar-06 12:50:41

do it! i cannot recommend it highly enough

oasis Thu 02-Mar-06 12:48:08

My DD was exactly the same, I took her to a cranial osteopath, although I did not have an assisted delivery she was two weeks early, they did say that she was a very tense baby (wouldn't uncurl fists and did not stretch out when sleeping etc). The first few sessions really seemed to work but then we had a different osteo treat her and she seemed to go back to square one, only worse if that were possible.
On reflection I think that yes she was colicky and that as a first time Mum I was quite clueless as to what I was doing and the thing that may have helped her would have been a really strict routine such as 'The Contented Baby' which I finally discovered when she was about nine months and have never looked back, it made perfect sense. Is your DD on any kind of routine? I found that if mine was overstimulated during the day we would suffer that evening. So although she was ok in pram and car once home from shopping trip for example she would start.
Would recommend going to a decent osteo but do not get your hopes up too high as I know with me I just wanted a happy baby and although the treatment did calm/help her initially there were other things that may have helped her too.
She is now 21 months and a delight, very funny and very happy so hang on in there.

Mumatuks Thu 02-Mar-06 12:33:30

definatley go.. and when the archieved messages are working again I'll put in a link to a message thread all about C.O and how wonderful it is.

matnanplus Thu 02-Mar-06 12:20:44

i have taken several of the babies i have cared for with good results and my friends 8yo has been going since 5wks of age, helped her feed and sleep better and she visits after a cold/ear infection with fab results.

They will only treat if there is a need, it doesn't looklike they do much but the results are amazing, i've been told it is often good for baby to feed while there as baby distracted and lits of muscles in face, neck working during this time.

Coolmama Thu 02-Mar-06 12:16:23

2 quick questions - how old is your baby and did you have an assisted delivery? - I took DS to see an osteopath when he was 4 weeks old as suggested by BF counciller when he wasn't feeding on one side and would always scream when laid down to feed on that same side - turns out that I had had a ventouse delivery which had basically compressed DS's neck a little bit - was nothing serious as the osteo said that 70% of assisted delivery babies have some kind of compression - like a strained muscle. So it meant that the poor thing was really uncomfortable on that side and couldn't open his mouth properly to take all the nipple and so was getting frustrated - Anyway - long story short, DS had 2 sessions and was well on the way to feeding like a demon. Osteo also said that the therapy can help all sorts of things including wind and colic so it may well be worth a try. Ask your GP for a reccomendation or try your HV. Are you in the london area or not?

Jaysfirst Wed 01-Mar-06 16:50:26

Has anyone used a craiial osteopath for a baby that just wont settle? DD seems to cry all the time, even when shes been fed watered and has slept for Britain. Theres no rhyme or reason, i reckon on a good day she cries for 50% sleeps 40 and is happy for 10....i am despairing. Cries when she wakes, cries when shes fed,creis when shes happy...!!!! shes doesnt cry in the bath, when shes being pushed in her pram or in the car...but as soon as both of these stop shes there...cry cry cry cry....She does tend to 'hold' her wind, and may be colicy, never burping till hours later, gripe water and infacol seem to help but not that much. I heard that these osteopaths can help matters, what do they do? how do i find a good one? how much are they? are they gods????Thoughts please?

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