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if your filling falls out after a couple of weeks do you still have to pay for a new one?

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dollydanderfluffofwillowbottom Wed 01-Mar-06 11:33:32

cos i rather expected it to last a bit longer than that

HenniPenni Wed 01-Mar-06 11:44:39

I never did, they always seemed to fall out within two weeks of them being done. That was until I changed dentist and have never had one fall out since.

chicagomum Wed 01-Mar-06 11:49:17

No you are entitled to a free replacement if it was done in the last year. (assuming we are talking nhs here- if its with a private dentist they set their own criteria for replacements/repairs but it would be very poor business management not to do it free of charge). The only exeption to this is if it was done against the dentists advice, (ie they recommended some other form of treatment (say a crown or extraction) but you wanted to try just filling it first.

dollydanderfluffofwillowbottom Wed 01-Mar-06 13:24:47

thank you for that, receptionist said it would cost me but i think thats taking the mickey a bit as i wanted it pulling out, it was the dentist who wanted to try the filling 1st. it is nhs, i suppose i should just be grateful i have a dentist really!

mancmum Wed 01-Mar-06 15:55:37

I just had to pay to have my NHS one replaced 5 days after it first went in... only paid about 10 quid though -- less than half the original cost... did not make a fuss even though thought it should be free as want to keep dentist happy!

madchad Fri 03-Mar-06 11:51:55

Replacement fillings are free on the NHS within that time (up to a year)
Mancmum-your charge sounds wrong-perhaps a different type of filling this time? Suggest you go back and ask the practice "why?"

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