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JanH Wed 01-Mar-06 11:20:00

From the Ovarian Cancer Action website:

March is ovarian cancer awareness month

Ovarian cancer is the 4th most common cancer, and ‘until there’s a test, awareness is best’. Women should look out for persistent, frequent and sudden onset symptoms including:

Abdominal swelling


Urinary urgency

Unexplained abdominal or back pain

Change in bowel habits


Unexplained weight loss or weight gain

abnormal vaginal bleeding

Do get yourself checked by your doctor, for symptoms that start suddenly and occur very frequently. Don’t be afraid to ask about ovarian cancer. Our recent survey of GP’s showed overwhelming that they would rather you did, if you are concerned. It might also help to keep a symptoms diary to help your GP assess the cause. Women with two or more close relatives with breast and/or ovarian cancer on the same side of the family may be at an increased risk of the disease, and should discuss this with their doctor.

GDG Wed 01-Mar-06 11:22:04

Good thread JanH

spidermama Wed 01-Mar-06 11:25:09

Thanks for that JahnH.

Marina Wed 01-Mar-06 11:30:43

Thanks for that, and the link too, JanH

JoolsToo Wed 01-Mar-06 11:35:09

great thread JanH (did I tell you I'm on the UKCTOCS study for ovarian cancer? (only a million times )

purpleprincess Wed 01-Mar-06 11:41:26

Comedian Linda Smith (did lots on Radio 4 including News Quiz, Just a Minute and HIGNFY) died yesterday from this cancer - she was only 48.

V Sad

JanH Wed 01-Mar-06 12:05:43

I didn't know, JT, honest , until you mentioned it on the Linda Smith thread - good for you, what does it entail? Do you have to have nasty internal scans?

(My mother had OC so I would be excluded "due to a familial predisposition". I was down for regular screening but fell off the list apparently, should put meself back on.)

JoolsToo Wed 01-Mar-06 14:14:12

Hi Janh - there are 3 groups

1 group has internal scans, my group has blood test then there's the group that are the measure against the rest of us - they get nothing!

I always put myself on any of these types trials (HPV is another) - I think I'm helping research and I'm getting regular screening!

suzywong Wed 01-Mar-06 14:16:58

what do you mean by 'abnormal' vag bleeding?
I am bleeding on mittleschmerz/ovulation just a touch for the last three months and of course I'm bricking it. Is that normal?

thankfully DH does the website for a Gynae in Harley Street and he has a contra in case of emergency.

tamum Wed 01-Mar-06 14:42:08

suzywong- try not to worry, sweetie. It usually (but not always) means bleeding starting again after the menopause, or random bleeding through the cycle. As with most ovarian cancer symptoms it could be due to all manner of other things. It's worth getting it looked at if you're worried, always, but I would try not to fret.

chapsmum Wed 01-Mar-06 14:45:57

jan Am bumping this as a dear friend of mine died of ovarian cancer before her 24 birthday. it is horrifically the silent killer and any symptoms should be taken v v seriously.

JanH Wed 01-Mar-06 14:46:24

I did think that was a problem with that list of symptoms - they could mean anything - sorry it's worried you more, sooz

tamum Wed 01-Mar-06 14:48:29

Janh, that's the real problem- it's eminently curable if caught early, but it's so often advanced by the time it's detected because all the symptoms can be attributed to other diseases. Listen, I really don't want to worry you, but are dd1 and dd2 on the doctors' radar, given your family history? It's probably worth them keeping a careful check.

JanH Wed 01-Mar-06 15:29:00

No, they're not, tamum, but you're right, they should be - and my nieces whose family history is bad on both sides - I will nag all concerned, thank you.

suzywong Wed 01-Mar-06 22:55:35

right will stop worrying or go to Gp
anyway did you hear the sad news that Linda Smith died from OC recently

JanH Wed 01-Mar-06 23:01:55

Yes, sooz - thread here - terribly sad, she was lovely

Marina Wed 01-Mar-06 23:07:29

suzette, go the GP. I have had my mind sort of put at rest on this very front this week. Well, there's nothing wrong with my ovaries at any rate

suzywong Wed 01-Mar-06 23:07:34

it's a bit early here and i am being forced to give a running commentary on a donald duck video

Eggie Wed 01-Mar-06 23:08:21

Do you know if can you go to your GP and request regular scans on your ovs

JanH Wed 01-Mar-06 23:20:24

Not on a whim, eggie, no - ovaries quite hard to scan and unless you have symptoms/family history they will probably resist. (Internal ovary scan not the most pleasant experience in the world anyway!)

They are working on blood tests etc - JoolsToo is involved in a screening test, see below.

Marina, are you hinting at something?????

Eggie Wed 01-Mar-06 23:26:33

I had breast cancer two years ago and remember my oncologist giving the blurb about assoc ovarian cancer. Its just that now i am getting panic attacks that i have to watch every bit of my body

JanH Wed 01-Mar-06 23:36:34

Ah - that's different, eggie - if you have been warned of an associated risk and are worried then yes, do ask.

My mother had OC and died aged 50 and her mother had breast cancer (ovarian, I had thought, but no) - anyway I asked for screening, had genetic counselling at Christie's (fairly high risk) and some screening at local hosp - no apparent probs.

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago (I was always expecting OC!) Had lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy - was signed off last autumn after 5 full years. I think I probably should still be on the screening prog for OC but as I am nearly 55 I'm probably just average risk now.

You are obviously much younger then me so do push for screening if you are concerned

Eggie Wed 01-Mar-06 23:45:17

I saw the genetic team last summer but results can take 1-2 years. Just feel paranoid ATM about anything physically not the norm. I am seeing my surgeon and breast care nurse tomorrow so will have a chat with them. thanks anyway Janh

JanH Wed 01-Mar-06 23:57:13

Oh dear - you don't want worries like that with a little one around, do you? Hope it is nothing, but definitely insist they give you all the tests there are to stop you feeling anxious.

Marina Thu 02-Mar-06 10:37:39

Womb needs checking out JanH but almost certainly not serious.
I am so happy for you that you were signed off, that is marvellous news
Eggie, hope the breast care nurse took your concerns seriously and can help with allaying them.

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