Tinnitus causing Panic attacks

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Borntobeamum Wed 04-Jul-12 13:31:43

My Dh has Tinnitus and this seems to be causing Panic attacks at night.
He's unable to lie down in bed longer than 30 seconds. We are sleeping with tv on.
He's cut out caffeine cheese alcohol and chocolate 2 weeks ago.
He feels he's going mad.
I'm desperate to help him and offer some advice.

Many thanks x

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CrikeyOHare Wed 04-Jul-12 14:23:00

Has he tried "White noise"?

It's basically repetitive noise of some description - can be the ocean, a storm, raindrops or a general whooosh sound.

I have noisy neighbours & downloaded a whoosh type noise that I put on my iPod & turned up high. Completely drowned out the neighbours and what's weird is that you get used to the noise very quickly and just don't notice it, if that makes sense.

Worth a try?

Here's a place to get some for free.....


Borntobeamum Wed 04-Jul-12 15:57:36

Yes he has got some. He has a few apps on his phone. We usually go to sleep listening to waves rolling onto a beach.
His fear is it will get worse and he won't Be able to cope.

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chipstick10 Wed 04-Jul-12 16:43:54

Ok, i suddenly developed it in jan 2008. It came from nowhere. I dont do loud music, play an instrement, go to loads of loud concerts, and only played an ipod at low sound when in the gym. I could not get my head round it. I tortured myself for nearly 2 years, playing over and over again in my head where it could have come from and why me. It did coincide with a very very very stressfull, anxious time and a very bad kidney infection. However from day one my Tinnitus would kind of come and go and it still does that to this day. You do at first feel like you want to give up, you suffer terrible attacks of panic and focus on it 24/7. It really does grt better. I can promise you that and in the end he may not even hear it. Stress and tiredness make it worse. Staying hydrated definately helps it massively.

Telesales650 Wed 04-Jul-12 17:57:01

Less salt in your diet will help, advice from Neuro surgeon. I also have Meneires disease as well as Tinnitus! it does help in time.

amillionyears Thu 05-Jul-12 22:17:12

have you searched on here through the General health board.tinnitus comes up on here from time to time.I was in a thread about a month ago.I personally had a blocked eustachian tube,so my tinnitus reason was probably different from your DH.presacibed drops,cant remember which now,it is on the thread ,and I had to repeatedly pinch me nose and pop out my ears.Took 4 months for it to go.Your DH has my sympathies.
Im presuming he has been to the GP?
Also you might find some help on gransnet.i always think they must have some answers to the stuff on here.

Giovani Sun 29-Mar-20 19:44:19

Hi there, I'm Giovani. I had the same problem you DH had in 2012. It happened to me in Aug last year.
My treatments is being bout taking pills for anxiety. My tinnitus has improved quite a bit from the last 3 months but it still bothers me quite a lot.
Is your DH any better?

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