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Is there a way to help a dental local anaesthetic wear off more quickly?

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olivo Mon 25-Jun-12 21:24:43

I am having a filling replaced tomorrow but will have to go back to work pretty soon after and do lots of talking. Is there a way to help make the numbness wear off more quickly? I noticed when I had the other one done that it felt more numb about half an hour afterwards, and took ages to wear of properly. this is a lower one so more numb (i think?)

MrsS3 Mon 25-Jun-12 21:30:20

not an expert, but a veteran of mucho dental surgery, with a related syndrome and such. IME there are different types of local anaesthetic, and obv different quantities for diff jobs and durations. Mention to your GDP that you need it to wear off asap? I've also heard that caffeine moves it quickly - but this is pretty much rumour and hearsay, and I'd be more concerned about the risk of buring my [numb] mouth on hot coffee grin

olivo Mon 25-Jun-12 21:38:36

Thanks mrs s- can neck a can of something caffeinated afterwards. The dentist is aware but equally I am an anxious patient so she will be aware of the need for there to be absolutely no discomfort! I'm the patient from hell!

MrsS3 Tue 26-Jun-12 00:41:23

grin at patient from hell - that's the only sort, isn't it?! (would be fascinated to know whether you think the caffeine thing works... either it does or you'll be even higher giddy as well as anxious so I'd better hide wink

PoppyWearer Tue 26-Jun-12 02:04:50

Try to avoid extra injections if you can bear it - make the dentist aware.

I find that moving my jaw lots helps.

olivo Tue 26-Jun-12 09:55:01

Well, drove back looking like a looney, moving my jaw as much as possible. Still very numb but able to speak properly and most importantly, the procedure was bearable. Just about to crack open a diet come- as a non caffeine drinker, it usually gives me a boost! Could be interesting on top of diazepam though!

PeriPathetic Tue 26-Jun-12 09:56:59

Oh I find a cuppa tea makes it a bit quicker to wear off too!

Although when I had 10, yes 10! injections last week I did have to drink my tea through a straw for some time.

olivo Tue 26-Jun-12 10:38:42

Ouch at 10 injections!have had some diet coke and a cup of tea. Just a tiny bit of numbness left around my chin now, off to work!

PeriPathetic Tue 26-Jun-12 10:47:57

Yay! It worked smile Good for you.

(I had ten the previous week too. Nice)

PoppyWearer Tue 26-Jun-12 12:36:34


MrsS3 Tue 26-Jun-12 22:23:38

good stuff grin

juliejames456 Tue 04-Jul-17 13:41:07

How can I have a cup of tea? My face is all numb....

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