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Has anyone had a STARR procedure for a rectocele?

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Abitwobblynow Tue 19-Jun-12 23:12:45

How effective has it been?

If not, how was your rectocele repaired?

Footle Thu 21-Jun-12 07:07:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Abitwobblynow Thu 21-Jun-12 08:00:43

Footle thank you so much, that is the kind of response I was hoping for. I looked at that thread but found it a bit feelings heavy and technical/biological information free.

I want to know: what was the problem (diagnosed)? What was the proposed solution? What was the exact procedure? How has it worked (or not worked) for you?

So the STARR procedure involves cutting the 'tube' to take out the 'bulge' and the 'fold', pulling it all up/down (can't remember) and reattaching with staples that stay there permanently.

But how does that solve the weakness in the back wall of the vagina and the damaged tissue between the two structures? The surgeon was a bit patronising, didnt' seem to get that I am capable understanding of biology and didn't answer that. I also didn't like the 60% success rate.

Also: surgery on the back wall of the vagina tends to mean more pain during sex (so I do want to avoid that). Which they don't understand, as the vagina has no nerve endings, and the penis curves like a banana round the pelvic bone anyway. Hmmmmm.

minniethemooch Thu 21-Jun-12 17:32:19

Hi, A bit wobbly. Thought I would post as I had surgery to correct a rectocele and internal rectal prolapse ( as well as uterine prolapse and deficient blush perineum ) last year. I did not have the STARR but know quite a bit about it as it is also used for internal rectal prolapse. I had a rectopexy to fix the internal prolapse. The work was done in one surgery by a urogynae and a colorectal surgeon.

If my rectopexy hadn't worked then STARR would have been the next thing suggested and tbh I would not have had one( fortunately the rectopexy did work!smile) . This is because the STARR cuts away part of the rectum and leaves it shorter ,which can lead to postoperative period of urgency and frequency and some people go through a period of incontinence. (I don't wish to scare you but am just repeating what my surgeon told me)Although this is meant to settle down it doesn't in some people and that put me right off!

I had a posterior repair for the rectocele - involved cutting and stitching in the vagina and although this sounds awful, I did not find it difficult to recover from. My rectum would have been supported further by the mesh I had put in to hoik my rectum back up to where it should have been, so it may be that a posterior repair only does not have as good a success rate in fixing the rectocele as a STARR. The thread that Footle suggested will have more info , I'm sure.
I have no vaginal pain at all .Please feel free to pm me if you need any further info.

Footle Thu 21-Jun-12 17:35:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Abitwobblynow Fri 22-Jun-12 09:49:06

Minnie, that is EXACTLY the sort of information I was looking for. Thank you! I will PM you x

Thank you Footle.

PostBellumBugsy Fri 22-Jun-12 09:56:46

Abitwobbly, I'm in the process of arranging a rectocele repair too. I have been to see a colorectal surgeon & a gynae surgeon.

The colorectal surgeon would have done the repair via the anus and pulled the split muscle wall together from top to bottom with running stiches.

The gynae surgeon would be cutting vaginally & pulling the muscle walls together from side to side.

From what I can gather it is anatomically better to have the walls pulled together from top to bottom, but I was too worried about the possibility of faecal or wind incontinence with the anal approach.

My rectocele is low down in the vagina & I do not have any other complications - everything else is where it should be and is functioning fine. I discussed mesh, but given my rectocele is straight forward, I decided against it. It is very effective, but there are no people who've had mesh for 20 or 30 years who can tell you what the long term prognosis is for mesh erosion.

I am booked in for a vaginal repair at the end of July.

Not sure if that is of any help & obviously, I haven't had it done yet!

whiffy2334 Thu 28-Jun-12 10:57:36

Hi I felt the need 2 write-- STARR PROCEDURE---- iVE DONE MY RESEARCH ON THIS AS THEY THOUGHT I MITE AV INTUSUSSCEPTION--- This procedure im talkin about is done via rectum-- staples. I thought that sounds a dangerous procedure. I googled Starrs website-- promotin it. I scrolled down and came across a web pge a man had put on--- Sittin there like a king -- couldnt praise up Starr enough--- My suspicions were up-- y would some1 want 2 promote a procedure???? Do u know any1 who puts up there own web pge 2 promote surgery or a procedure????? Whos 2 say hes had it done??? Penny dropped - he was being paid!!!!!!
I scrolled down the web more and came across a forum--- My God-- these poor people hadhad the procedure done--- and now there suffering--- they were writing there stories 2 warn others-
Consultants were telling then 2 look at Starrs website 2 give full explanation!!!!
There r at least 11 nasty complications with this procedure--- bladder bowel problems--
All these people suffered from running 2 the toilet 10/20 times a day--- couldnt go anywhere--- this is permant
Pains trying to go toilet soreness--- still useing laxatives--- doesnt help
One women went bk 2 c her consultant-- telling him im in dreadful pain---- come bk in 6mths-- 3 -6mths l8....... still the same!!!!!!!
One woman--- still has the staples coming out the rectum 3yrs on!!!!!!!!!
one woman hears her husband screaming and cryin when he trys 2 go toilet
My intentions are the same as the poor people who sadly had this procedure done--- A warning and to help others
Has any1 been told they need a vaginal tightening/ tighening the rectal wall?
Wots happened 2 me is usual-- i av rectoceles--- No Prolapses, pfm strong, no bladder probs or womb. Recoceles evacuation probs-- bowel folds bk on 2 its self causin a blockage and this brings the evacuation prob on.. i felt sooooo insulted! tHIS SURGICAL REPAIR could b one reason y sum women say -- hes sewn me up2 tight--- My VAGINA is NORMAL AND TIGHT!!!!! iF I WAS DUMB ENOUGH 2 GO THROUGH WIV THIS MY VAGINA WOULD B TOOOOO TIGHT!!! i WENT 2 C 3 GYNIES LAST YR AND THEY ALL Z-- bOWEL PROB DISCHARGED. Went june20th 2012 2 c a gastro man--- he looked at the proctogram results and z this is a gynies job and z y. I know this is a colotomy-- they dont like doin it 4 this pro. My gp say 2 me surgery--- when i told her wot he z her jaw dropped!!! This is drivin me insane its been goin on 4 4yrs!!!!!! Mayb 1 day ill b free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindylop Fri 15-Mar-13 18:41:45

Hi I've been told I need STARR - five years ago I had a vaginal prolapse and a rectocele that was repaired vaginally they also removed my perineum which was badly scarred from cuts during 3 child births.
I've had a further rectocele now for about 2 years which has got steadily worse I have also been told have intersusseption.
I have chronic ODS and its driving me mad but I'm so fearful of the STARR PROCEDURE and despite my research I've not found anyone who has had it and been glad. My surgeon didn't even tell me the name of the operation - now I wonder why that is? My gp told me and they'd never heard of it at all.
The statistics for complications are horrific to say the least and yes we are none of us that stupid to know that any surgical procedure comes with risks the risks with this operation is appalling - I dread that I'm swapping one set of problems for another!
He just said he would hope for a good outcome!
Talk about generalising!!
I see that all info on this op says that it's where other options such as diet and biofeedback has failed Well I for one have not been even offered that!
My only saving grace is that my surgeon in hull is supposed to be one of the best at it so you would hope for a good outcome but where are all the success stories???
I am so stressed over this and my date is due shortly - of you have had it done let me know please - I think I would just want to top myself if I was left incontinent - x love to all x

krosenberg Mon 19-May-14 18:46:20

LINDYLOP I was wondering if u had the starr operation done???? I got my date for a few weeks but not liking what ive been reading.

sylviasaid Tue 23-Sep-14 11:57:28

Hi there

I thought I’d write as I am one week post STARR procedure which I had done at the BRI in Bristol, UK. I am a 32 year old women who has suffered from severe ODS for the last four years; the STARR repaired an anterior rectocele and high grade intusseception. I have not had any children.

I spent three days in hospital as I had urine retention after surgery and had to be catheterised. I was moved to St Michael’s as there were no beds at the BRI but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I had wonderful care and the ward was clean and modern. I’m not going to lie, it was very painful but I was given Oramorph and Tramadol and that seemed to do the trick. My bowel decided to wake up on the fourth day (when I was back at home) and it has hands down the most painful experience of my life, but I’ve worked through it because I was expecting it and I feel positive about my bowel moving so soon after surgery. Pre surgery I would have to digitate daily to remove stool that was stuck in my rectum and I would probably have a ‘normal’ BM about once a week. I am taking Laxido to soften my stool but have reduced this to one sachet a day as it was working a bit too well.

I have lost half a stone in the last week due to reduced appetite but am drinking nutritional drinks to help this (I am already of a slight build). I’m aiming to go outside by the end of the week (have been in bed for the duration) because I feel it’s important to have goals in recovery.

I got a bit fed up of reading negative posts on the internet about this procedure so I felt it was important to write my story. Obviously it’s early days but I am pleased my bowel is moving already and I am feeling positive for the future. I really feel it’s important to have the right mental attitude when it comes to surgery.Expect pain and unpleasant side effects, they are normal consequences.

Good luck to everyone one who is having this procedure and I hope everyone that’s in recovery is feeling well and being well looked after by their loved ones.

I will write again with an update smile

Francesca x

Frenchfrogbutt Thu 20-Nov-14 14:54:02

Hi Sylvia
Thanks for your post ! How are you feeling Now 2 months post op . I have a rectocele no plan of surgery yet but Still doing my research !

agoodbook Sat 22-Nov-14 22:14:56

Hi frenchfrogbutt I wonder if you know of the support group on Facebook for pelvic organ prolapse . someone recommended this group. Its really helpful smile
It's a closed group, so you have to ask to join

baaz Sun 23-Nov-14 00:26:07

Has anyone here had a rectopexy via perineal approach for rectal prolapse? How did it go? Painful? Complications? Post op incontinence? I am in need of more information before making a decision. Thank you.

sylviasaid Tue 13-Jan-15 21:56:52

Hi Frenchfrogbutt, sorry for the delay in posting. Things have been up and down. The first three months were pretty good and I honestly thought I would never be constipated again (!!) (thought still had IBS-C symptoms - bloating, wind, pain etc), HOWEVER, the last fortnight I have been chronically constipated. Pretty much exactly how it was pre-surgery. I am concerned that my bowel has prolapsed yet again sad Going to call my surgeon tomorrow and ask for an appointment. Honestly don't know what has changed as nothing has changed in my diet. Will keep you updated if you like?

Have you made a decision yet? Best wishes, Francesca. x

spiritedkookie Fri 17-Apr-15 19:57:20

None of this is making me feel more relaxed about my surgery next week. I am due to have a STARR procedure done after 19 years of suffering with a rectocele and having to splint almost every time I go to the loo. I went for my pre op a few days ago and the nurses didn't know what STARR stood for. I decided to google it when I got home and one of the medical sites stated that only about 550 of these procedures have been carried out in the UK, I'm not sure how many of these were here in Scotland but I don't suppose it's many. No one knows the long term effects of the procedure so I'm feeling a bit like a guinea pig. Everyone keeps telling me it'll be fine and they do this all the time but now I know they don't I'm getting scared. I don't know what to expect afterwards. I know I'm in for a 23 hour stay and will wake up with a catheter fitted but that's it. Thanks everyone for letting me get this out my system.

multifarious52 Thu 07-May-15 14:15:09

Hi I had a Starr op last week, ive had no pain or soreness so far, surgeon said 3 months to heal. I am able to have Bms regularly admittedly having 2 sachets of Movidol per day, still incomplete evacuation but as my surgeon said don't expect miracles. I would say have it done by someone with experience and like me it will be okay. Will update in 3 months to conclude.

multifarious52 Mon 26-Oct-15 22:12:48

Hi just an update, I can honestly say I have not experienced any pain, I am no longer constipated, although sometimes I do not have a complete evacuation, the op for me has been life changing.

Simmie3 Fri 08-Jan-16 02:10:02

Wish I had read this b4 I had this done 3 weeks Ago :-( suffering complications... Has anyone else?

Starbug02 Thu 25-Feb-16 17:11:17

I'm due for Starr next week following unsuccessful rectopexy....absolutely terrified is it really as terrible as only two or three good outcomes or just because the good ones don't post here?!?!

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Thu 25-Feb-16 17:17:18

Hi all, I really would recommend you to look at the FB group linked above, there are hundreds of women all over the world who have exierience of these procedures and are hugely helpful.

Keeperofhope12 Mon 02-May-16 07:58:52

Hey guys,I had the Starr procedure and bladder repair with my own tissues October 2015 and unfortunately for me I'm now booked in for a defogram due to worsening symptoms,struggling to poo,urgency when I need to go,pain in my chest now from straining,pectoral muscle feels like it has died,staples hanging out during last sigmoidoscopy and pulled out without pain relief as I had to drive home lol,however keep positive folks as my bladder repair has been a brilliant success,according to the surgeon my vagina was obliterated due to my prolapses and now I have a normal sex life which is a bonus,how much I miss a normal poo these days though,my rectocele was classed a grade 2 pre op then when I woke in recovery was told a 3/4 so work that one out not much difference,I'm in Scotland and was operated on in Forth Valley Royal,I highly recommend do not eat anything bulky pre op or for the first two weeks as I thought I was sent for on day four after op,I was in agony trying to go and will definitely keep this is mind next time,soup diet wouldn't be a bad thing,also keep taking laxative and keep your chin up as there is others fighting the same battle,take care and love to you allxx

Kruth Tue 27-Dec-16 12:47:47

How are you feeling now ? Are you free from constipation? Please reply it could help me smile

Kruth Tue 27-Dec-16 12:49:33

How are you feeling now ? Are you free from constipation? Please reply it could help me

pankajmangal2007 Fri 03-Feb-17 01:30:58

Hello Everyone,

My mother is facing some kind of prolapse and dr has suggested for STARR, her age is 60 so is it safe for going the STARR ? Please have a look on MRI Defecography report.

'Imaging evaluation shows widening of the posterior hiatus with mild cystocele and inferior

rectal descent. Small anterior rectocele is evident.

Small rectal mucosal intussusception is evident during defecation.'

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